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  1. The rug was £80 plus £3.50 P&P. This is a lot of money for me and a christmas present. I paid with my debit card so I'm not sure I can do a charge back that way.
  2. Hi, I've ordered quite an expensive rug online from a retailer, however twice they said they would give me a refund when it didn't arrive by the date and it said the courier had lost it. Each time they phoned to tell me that the courier had forwarded it to another courier as the item was so large. Finally last weekend they told me again that they would refund me my money as it still didn't arrive by the latest delivery date they had given me. However it seems they don't process refunds straight away and have told me they have a backlog and it will take up to 28 days while t
  3. well we've received a reply to our letter from the council. This also took 8 days to arrive, even though i posted the original query by written note and e-mail and they said they would get back to me by e-mail. but they didnt. They've reduced the charges now to £260 for cleaning and clearing property. The repairs they must have taken off. Plus another £100 tax and admin charges so £360 they want now. So its a lot less. In the letter they wrote to us, they said please see attached pictures taken after we left the property and the prelim letter we had. However these weren't attached to
  4. Yeah we've managed to get in touch with our local councillor and he's taking a look at it. I'm also submitting letter to say I don't agree with the charges which gives us more time as after 14 days they'll pass it to the debt collection team. It was already 7 days by the time we received the letter. However on a side note, the property was signed off as ok twice, once when we went on the housing register and again before we moved. So these are new charges they have put on. If anyone else has any suggestions to put to the council, i'll be happy to hear them.
  5. Does anyone have any info on this? Can the council bill us because they've finally decided to upgrade the kitchen units, floorboards in the property that we've been waiting years for them to do while we were living there?
  6. Hi, Can anyone offer any information or ideas to put into a response letter on the below? We were given a new council house as we had a baby and were living in a maisonette that wasn't suitable for our circumstances anymore. A council guy came round and told us what decorating/repairs we needed to do when we applied to move. Then when we'd done them, we were only told we had to repaint a couple of walls and a ceiling. The house was signed off as ok and we went onto the housing register. About 1 1/2 years later we eventually got told we made the top of the list for a property and so
  7. We would have done that, but we didnt get to sign the house until last thing on Friday. Now the council offices are all closed and we can't contact anyone until Monday morning which means if we're forced to move we'd lose a whole weekend of moving. We were hoping if anyone knew where we stood legally. If not, we're just going to have to hope they'll be sympathetic to us, they haven't been put out much, The weekend would have only gone by and nothing would have been done yet with our property.
  8. Hi, We are currently a council tenant in a maisonette who was told by the council this week that we made the short list for a house. The council came and did the checks on our property as procedure and a verification meeting and then told us this morning that our application had been successful. The house we had been offered is a brand new built property and we weren't told the address beforehand so were unable to view it as there are no sign posts etc in the area yet. We arranged a viewing at lunch time and then was told that we had to make a decision immediately else the
  9. Hi, A couple of weeks ago, we got 6 letters through from Anglian Water which were for 6 separate bills over the last 3 years with the final one totalling £1300. Then today we got another letter through saying they are informing us they are going to commence court action to recover the debt. About 3 years ago, from our next door neighbours onwards, a big housing estate got knocked down and the land hasn't been rebuilt on. Since then we've been having problems with all our bills with even some council people not being able to find our house thinking its been knocked down and we're pret
  10. Thanks, Yeah we do have new neighbours, but the insurance isn't for their vehicles and its just one person living on his own and we've had several letters with difference names.
  11. Hi, I don't know whats going on or whether someone is trying to con us. Today we had a letter through the post for our address but not our name. As we've had several letters like this with peoples names for bills but our address over the last couple of weeks it seems odd. On opening this letter it states its someones car insurance, however the persons contact number on the insurance isn't a number from our area but is in our county. But it is insured to our address. I would phone the company to find out what is happening except the only number given is a 0906 number at £1 a minu
  12. Ok consumer direct is informed and they'll let trading standards know. They said it is a breech of SOGA due to the safety issues and I can claim against him even though it was through ebay. I now know what my rights are so I have to list all these in a letter to him giving him 10-14 to resolve the issue. If nothing is done I have to contact them back again. So i'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for all your advice
  13. just before 10 days was up he has responded through ebay that he's happy to fix the car if I drive it down to him, but that is what he said before and i cant drive it to him when its not legal. ebay doesn't give you many characters to say what you need to say, so he's sent me two personal messages basically lieing or bending the truth, and ebay doesn't see these (I don't think). I'm kind of wondering now if the car has been in an accident just after the MOT or something, as I keep noticing something else thats wrong.
  14. No, my old car was extra. He delivered me the car when I bought it, and I happened to mention at the time that I was going to scrap my old car. Then when I found out all the problems and the cars were similar makes, I said if he wanted to, he could use parts from my old car to fix the other car as a gesture of goodwill as he said he was going to check over the car he sold to me and get it all fixed and repaired. He could only bring it back in the evenin he said to me, so I didn't have chance to check it all, but he said well if I was scrapping it, he could take it to be scrapped, and as he r
  15. At the moment I've stated the issue through ebays resolution system, whcih he has 10 days to respond. He's got 6 days left. The first mail only lets you mention what was wrong with the vehicle and doesn't give you much room to explain. He hasn't responded as yet, if he doesn't respond, I think ebay takes action, although i'm not sure. Should I wait for this or send a letter recorded mail? It has been a month today since I bought it, but took 3 weeks for me to get him to take it back and repair it, but since he didn't repair all he said he was going to, and also took my old car towards his
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