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  1. It shows a credit balance - we don't have enough money in our budget to accumulate that much, but we're not in fuel poverty by any means.
  2. 10 months ago EDF fitted a prepayment meter for us so that we could pay off money we owed them at an agreed rate of $5 a week (sorry, can't find the pound sign on hubby's keyboard). The meter was charged with $48 on fit. They didn't leave the key and I had to ring them up and ask for one. The key duly arrived and we set about charging the key and (we thought) paying off our debt. A short while into the process, a second key arrived in the post. I rang EDF, explained that we had a key and asked whether we should use the 'new' one or continue to use the original. I was told that we should continue using the original - so we did. In April we received a letter saying that by some mistake EDF had failed to put our debt on to our meter, and that they would do so in the near future. They knocked $150 off what we owed as it was their fault. The debt still hasn't appeared on the meter. We have budgeted carefully for the cost of power, always kept the key topped up and never gone into the "emergency" allowance. Does anyone have any idea what our legal position is? It's their fault that the debt hasn't gone on to the meter - we have a letter saying that - and while we wouldn't dispute that we incurred the debt in the first place, we've been feeding this meter in good faith for almost a year and still haven't actually paid anything off what we owe.
  3. Not quite the same thing but.......EDF fitted a prepayment meter in my house 3 months ago, and the covering letter said that the repayment would be 5.00 a week. That was fine. I've just found out that they haven't put the debt on the meter so I've been feeding it, believing that my arrears were being paid - and now I find they're not. They haven't contacted me about this, so while I've been paying for what I've used, I've not been paying my arrears. Any advice (Mods please move this if there's a better place for it )
  4. Thank you, people - I'm feeling a lot more confident about this after all this good advice. I have spoken to the council, and they are saying that they want me to make payment to the bailiffs. At least now I know where I can stand my ground with these guys.
  5. He hasn't - yet. Did I read somewhere that they shouldn't attend except between 6 a.m. & 9 p.m. Monday-Friday?
  6. Rossendales have a liability order against my husband & I for our council tax arrears. We paid some money direct to council following a doorstep call 20/10/12. We received a notice 7/11/12 (dated 5/11/12) saying that we had 5 days from date (so 10/11/12) to either pay in full (we can't) or if we want more time to return an I/E statement to them or they will come in and seize goods. We're not disputing that we owe the money, but this is insufficient time to put together the I/E statement & get it back to them. We could pay some more - can we pay this direct to our council or do we have to pay Rossendales? Also, in the face of this liability order, do we have to let them in to do a walking possession?
  7. First of all, many thanks for all the good advice - much appreciated and V useful. I am getting really tired of these turkeys, and I think I will follow Suetonius' good advice, as a further re-read of the documentation gives me two options, one to pay the extra amount for the rest or the term, and two to pay the lump sum. The lump sum does not add up to what I allegedly owe them, but the inference from the letter is that paying the lump sum will clear the shortfall. This is incorrect, as after paying the lump sum I would still be liable for the increased payment. I have good, written evidence that they have calculated incorrectly and if there's a spreadsheet out there that can calculate mortgage payments and interest (like the bank charges one?) then can you point me at it, as if I can work it out then surely 'professionals' can. The thing that's worrying me is that this company has a DD on my bank account and can help themselves to any amount (provided they inform me first). If I cancel the DD then I will be in default, arrears and subject to their charges and the threat of reposession - which frankly scares me. Thank you all for the moral support - I think I'm going to need it!
  8. Hi, guys. Didn't realise this thread was here so I started my own in the wrong forum. dx100uk very kindly moved it for me and I noticed this thread so I'm copying it here. Posted by me on 5th May: I made the call and it transpired that they had left out the form you sign to say you have read and understood and agree to the payment - that made it clear why they'd sent me a reply-paid envelope! That finally arrived on on Monday, three days before their deadline for assuming that I want Option A and will have another £10.41 a month stuck on my mortgage. I have read the letter, but I don't understand what these fees and interest are for, so I'm going to ask them to break it down for me and put it in writing for HRMC (as it is my belief that this may affect my tax position).
  9. Nope - haven't missed a payment or been late since the date in question, and they haven't offered me an explanation of what these fees and interest are for.
  10. Not sure if I've got this in the right place, but I'm sure the Mods will put me right. I have just received a letter from Acenden stating that after the last BBR change in March 2009, my monthly payment was incorrectly set owing to "fees and interest" applied to my account not having been included in the payment amount. This will apparently result in a shortfall on my mortgage of £1155.51 over the term of the mortgage. They say my options are to increase my payment by £10.41 a month over the term (9 years and 3 months remaining = £1155.51, seems OK) OR make a lump sum payment of £109.58 How does that work? My payment has only been at the current amount since October 2009 anyway, not March. Has anyone had a similar letter, or know what this is about? Obviously I don't want to be left with a shortfall, but an alarm bell is ringing in my head which says the numbers don't add up. I am just about to go trawling back through all my mortgage letters, statements and other papers to see if I can shed any light on it that way, prior to a telephone call later today. Wish me luck!
  11. Don't really need help with this one, just a whinge and a potential warning. I've just attempted to buy a new phone from these people, and had problems with the carrier delivering to me. We got into the whole round of " collect from the depot" (miles away), "delivery to place of work needs sender authorisation etc" and to cut a long story short I told them to return the parcel. I then sent TOL an e-mail explaining (in detail) what had happened and asking them to cancel the order. I've just received (at work) an extremely patronising call from one of TOL's representatives (who didn't identify himself, I've just realised) asking me why the delivery was "refused". Put him straight on that one and explained the situation re the carrier and the authorisation calls etc and said that I'd decided to cancel the order, confirmed that I didn't want the goods and was prepared to lose the cost of delivery. On this basis I cannot with any conscience recommend use of the company. The carrier was CityLink.
  12. National Debtline, for FREE CONFIDENTIAL and INDEPENDENT ADVICE call 0808 808 4000 Take control of your situation - I know that sounds harsh but I've been there myself so I know that the more you put it off the worse it gets. Get in touch with your creditors, tell them you can't afford to pay, use the budget sheet on this link to work out what you CAN afford and make an arrangement with each of them to pay less. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau can also help - if you find it difficult to write the letters, they can do it for you - and to be honest it helps with some companies if you do use an intermediary. If you have service connections the Royal British legion and SSAFA have debt advisors. Do not pay anyone to do this for you - help can be got for free. Even if it's only from me, here.
  13. I have had a reply from Ms Ellie Renshaw at Capital One. The do not accept that I was mis-sold my PPI, but they have offered me £48.00 in respect of unlawful and unrealistic charges as a 'goodwill gesture'. I have accepted that without prejudice and reserved the right to pursue them for the balance of all charges plus interest at a later date. I have reiterated my claim for the PPI, on the grounds that I do not believe the person who called me was qualified to give me financial advice as they didn't ask me about any medical conditions and didn't tell me that I could get this insurance from other providers. We shall see how it progresses.
  14. Studio send them out on a regular basis - don't worry too much about the credit scoring, it's extremely unlikely that they've even bothered to check. They send me one every year and it says thank you for ordering the catalogue and give me a credit limit. They don't update their database very often as they've got from somewhere the old version of my address with the original temporary postcode.
  15. I like the DCA idea, 2Grumpy, but I've tried getting them to send me details in the past (and doesn't that ring every alarm bell?)and they've not been willing to put it in writing. Disillusioned28 - I'm still working on it but as soon as I have a solution I promise to post it here in big letters!
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