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  1. I would also add, from my experience, Link will chase payments when you are speaking to them or they see you as an easy target. When I asked for a copy of the assignment and a copy of the agreement (the standard letters on this forum), and advised that I would report them for harassment if they continued to chase for a disputed debt, they stopped calling or writing. That was 5 years ago. I never heard from them again nor had any detrimental information recorded against me...
  2. My recent email to a DCA: Dear sir or madam, Thank you for your politely worded and articulate letter dated 19 February in which you advised that you are acting on behalf of bcwgroup (Vodafone Connect Ltd) "who has passed your debt to us for recovery." Your letter, which uses a nice blend of red and black (being a Man Utd fan, I found that to be especially endearing) goes on to state that your client is anxious to resolve this issue and has instructed you to collect the balance in full and states that the above balance must now be paid to you immediately (the last
  3. Mark. I had a similar situation where Paragon agreed to freeze interest, but then disputed this. I understood that the agreement should be almost settled but then finally got a statement from Paragon advising that the bill was 13k (more than I initially borrowed) My advise? Ask for a copy of the agreement. I'm currently holding out for Arrow Global to make the next move, but I have a couple of aces up my sleeve. 1. My original agreement with Universal said that 'Universal Credit will not disclose confidential information about you to any person outside Lloyds TSB Group, unless
  4. Wolfhead. I am in exactly the same boat. It seems that this is a common trend. Lookinforinfo, what would make an agreement unenforceable? I requested a copy of my old Universal Agreement and it looked very basic (plus my name was spelt incorrectly on it).
  5. I'm definitely prepared to provide a statement confirming my position. Having an arrangement (without any further dialogue) for over 2 years and then finding my balance has risen by an approximate average of £140 a month over the time because they didn't withhold the interest, as they stated they would, was distressing to say the least.
  6. Stevie, your situation with Paragon exactly mirrors my situation. A 1997 debt. Agreement to freeze interest. No statements. No record of agreeing to freeze interest at their end. Reduced interest latterly agreed. Debt sold to Arrow and managed by CBS. Please can you keep me informed of what is happening at your end, and I will do likewise. I am just about to return a call to CBS Transcom, as I have had enough of them leaving their weekly messages with my girlfriend....
  7. fanack, I've just been doing some google based research on Paragon and came across this which may be of interest: Dated:- 31 July 2000 D PRESS RELEASE ON THE PARAGON GROUP OF PLC issued 11 September 2000 Paragon to amend contract term entitling it to charge contractual interest after judgment The Paragon Group of Companies plc has agreed to amend a term entitling it to charge interest on debts which are subject to court orders. This undertaking is given on behalf of the company and all its subsidiaries. It affects those borrowers who have: agre
  8. Hi fanack. Just found the problems that you are having with Paragon, and the continued charging of exorbitant interest on customers having financial difficulties is something that I have also endured. I started a thread a couple of days ago on my battle with them, and have requested a copy of my agreement from them. To date I have not received anything from them, so I am hoping that I can use their failure to comply with a CCA request as leverage to try and get some form of consideration from them.
  9. I received a letter today from Paragon Finance. Basically saying "here is the information that you requested" and providing me with a statement of all activity on my account. No sign of the agreement. Can anyone guide me on my rights here, assuming that they are not going to pass me a copy of the agreement? Should I write to them again saying that they have not passed me the information that I requested, or is it their responsibility to respoind correctly to my original request? I just feel that I have been lied to and taken for a mug by this company and I want to know how stro
  10. Hi. I hope someone can guide me in the right direction here. In 1997 I took out a personal loan with Universal Credit for £10,000. I maintained the payments without any problems for a couple of years, but then got into financial difficulties as a result of my business collapsing and the breakdown of my marriage. In this period, the debt was purchased by Paragon Finance, who I was led to believe bought the entire loan book of Universal Credit. I agreed with Paragon to make reduced payments at a level that I could afford after a meeting with an external representative that Paragon
  11. Thanks Elsinore. Paragon have never passed the debt on and all my payments have been to them. They have just applied charges of £305 for an independent debt collection agency to agree a payment plan with them. I am going to send out a DPA letter, to see whether there are any notes on their systems regarding freezing of interest. If there isn't, I was considering the CCA approach and if a copy of the agreement is not forthcoming, demanding a refund of the interest and charges applied whilst I was making the payments under the agreed reduced payment plan. Has anyone else ever
  12. In October 1997 I took out a £10k loan with Paragon Personal Finance. Unfortunately, at this time interest rates were very high (circa 25%) With a divorce and failed business, I got into trouble with the debt, to the extent that in July 02 they put me in touch with an outside debt recovery company, who I sat down with and prepared a list of my income and outgoings. We agreed a repayment plan of £70 a month and he advised me that interest on my account would be frozen. In December 05, I asked for a statement of my account because I wanted to know how long I had to continue repaying th
  13. In 2001, a debt I had with MBNA was sold to a Debt Collection Agency (Link FInancial). After being hounded on the phone and in letters, I did some internet research and, although I can't find it now, I did find some info saying that for a debt to be sold, it had to state in the Terms & Conditions that this was allowed. I therefore, verbally, asked Link Financial to supply me with a copy of the agreement. I said that I would refuse to make any further payments until I received this. I have not made any payments since November 2002. I still get phone calls every 2 weeks from Link,
  14. Hi Caroline, I'm not an expert, but from personal experience, it's always better to keep the money in your pocket than to try and reclaim it from someone. From reading through the various threads on this forum, and from the various actions that I am taking as a result, I would personally send them the standard DPA letter. Once you have the list of charges that they have applied, you can then challenge them to deduct these from your account following the standard processes. Best of luck....
  15. Hi Elsinore, Many thanks for your help. By "Struck off", I mean that Companies House were simply advised that the business had ceased trading. I don't have all the Bank Statements, so I am sending Lloyds TSB a letter asking them to verify how the balance has been reached, which I believe they should inform me of seeing that they are pursuing me for the debt as guarantor. I have drawn up the DPA letter to Lloyds TSB, but amending the 1st paragraph to read: To Westcot & Nelson Guest I am sending the following: These letters will be going out on Monday. I
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