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  1. Apologies - I tried to remove this post.
  2. On 20th August I sent a change of ownership document and a cheque for a microchip collar tab to Petlog. Since then I tried to ring them, but was put on hold for 30 minutes. Eventually I got through to Canada and there wasn't any record of my notification or cheque but they would convey my message to UK. My cheque was cashed on 23/11/2013 and I have emailed them twice since then. I would like to know if my details have been added to my pet's information and when I will receive the collar tag - but nothing back. There is a contact form on their website which I’ve tried to use,
  3. Thank you for reply, how is best to check my credit files?
  4. Hi I've been receiving letters from AK demanding payment on to be honest I don't know what? Is there anyway I can find out what this debt is, I have a feeling as it is in my previous married name, that it is more than 6 years old. I think I've also read somewhere on here that I can ask how much the DCA paid for this debt, is this right? And if so what would I do? If I'm not in the right place can you point me in the right direction please?
  5. Thanks ims, apologies for not keeping to original thread. Do you think I should send them a reminder that the 8 weeks are up?
  6. The Acceptance letter was the letter from London Personal Loans accepting and issuing my loan, it was a covering letter with my agreement etc. The solicitors replied to my original claim 'on behalf of their client'.
  7. I am in the process of reclaiming PPI from London Personal Loans, via their solicitors Lightfoots LLP. This was after tracking them down!! I'm looking for a template to help me write a letter now that the 8 weeks are up for a reply to my claim. The documents I sent with my claim, were the Acceptance Letter, the signed Loan Agreement and the Annual Statement of the account complete with opening balance showing the PPI. I received acknowledgement and this response - We can confirm that our client’s file was requested from storage. Once we are in receipt of the same, we will issue a fu
  8. Hi ims21, thank you for your reply. Yes I received a letter from them:- " As our final response we are offering you a payment of £1177.17...." they go on to give a 'breakdown' of how this is made up. At the end of the letter it says "We are making arrangements to send a cheque to your home address...." as I said earlier this money was taken (and I was told in the telephone conversation) straight off my outstanding balance.
  9. I applied to Halifax to reclaim my PPI by clicking on their website, a button for PPI. I received a phone call a couple of weeks later saying that I was entitled to £1,177.00 repayment, but as my CC account was under a repayment plan they would deduct this amount from the outstanding balance of £1,300.00. I said that surely this was an offer and they said it was their final offer. They have since credited this money to my account, can I still SAR them as I don't believe their figures? I personally think that they would think I was SO grateful I would accept this.
  10. Thanks Browncow, BankFodder and Honeynbee 13. I have approached a senior member of management and discussed my situation. I am lodging a formal complaint, there is to be an investigation by a neutral party. Hopefully something will be sorted out once and for all.
  11. Hello Browncow This conversation was deliberately taped, it wasn't in error.
  12. Thank you HB, I didn't know she was taping anything, I understand it was only after we ended our conversation that she had taped my subsequent discussion with my husband ( as I mustn't have put my receiver down at my end) I haven't heard or seen a transcript of the conversation.
  13. I had been on sickleave and rang my Manager to inform her when I would be returning to work. About 3 weeks later I was summoned to my Manager's office and informed that after our conversation I had not put my phone down properly and the line was still open, this resulted in my Manager overhearing a conversation I was having in my own home, with my husband about another member of staff. My Manager informed me that she had taped the conversation and had played it back to her upline Manager and a member of HR. She then advised me to be aware that this had happened. I have had issue
  14. I'll check my paperwork, as I'm at work now, but my daughter and myself did check carefully. I'll get back on this one if that's ok? Thank you for your help.
  15. I sent a SAR letter to Promise Finance Ltd re PPI. I have some paperwork, including letters from Promise Finance with details of this. One week later I received a reply from Promise Solutions Limited, stating Promise Finance Ltd ceased trading in April 2008. They went on to say - Promise Solutions Ltd hold no copies of information with regards to my application, they returned my cheque. Their letter ended "I am not able to be of any further assistance and this is my final response. (my final response being in bold type) On checking my original letters which were originally
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