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  1. Just checked through my phone bill to confirm when I spoke to Citylink using the number posted on Parcel Monkeys website. Upon googling the phone number it is registered to Parcel Monkey Holdings ltd. Surely this also adds to my argument that I was in contact with a parcel monkey representative?
  2. Forgive me for my stupidity, but what amount should I be claiming for, the ebay purchase price including delivery, or for the cost to replace the item at retail value (which would be above the £300 compensation limit)?
  3. I'm more than prepared to go through with it, just need to know if I have a case using the above information?
  4. Hi all. I posted an item by next day delivery to an ebay buyer using Parcel Monkey and delivered by Citylink. I paid extra for compensation up to £300, as the item sold for £262 including delivery. The ebay buyer claimed that they received an empty box within a few minutes of signing for the item. They opened a claim through ebay for an item significantly not as described, got a crime reference number using the Action Fraud website and won the case. From day one of the buyer contacting me I was in contact with Citylink using the number on the Parcel Monkey website, and the person I was s
  5. Hi All, Have already successfully claimed back almost £4000 from Natwest, now thought I'd give Capital One a go. Received statements and have been charged a total of £555 between September 2000 and June 2004. Have been looking at the possibility of claiming CCI, and using one of Vampires sheets have worked out a total amount of interest of £1362.94 at an APR of 26.79% - does this sound about right? What are peoples experiences of claiming CCI - do they pay the interest or will I be backing down at some point and reverting to the standard 8%? All being well will fire off my
  6. Hi Alf, I have a court date as well set for 21st February, was hoping for my cheque before christmas but now have to wait . Why couldn't the judge strike out cobblers defence like dellers?! Oh well, not too long hopefully!
  7. Recieved a general form of judgement or order from the court. It says the following: IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. List for a preliminary hearing first open date after 14 days with a time estimate of 20 minutes to consider evidence required and a time estimate. 2. See attached hearing notice. The notice says: TAKE NOTICE that the hearing will take place on 21 February 2007 at 09:30 AM etc.etc What happens now? Will it make it this far or will thay pay up soon? HELP PLEASE!!!
  8. Thanks Chedder, they do like to drag it out don't they? But we're not going away and they'll have to pay up in the end! The annoying thing is I have a load of charges since starting this claim so will have to do it all over again!!!
  9. Recieved an offer for 50% of my claim a few weeks ago. Am still waiting for the judge to decide on what happens next. Am I likely to recieve the full ammount soon, or will I have to wait for the judge to make a decision? Wanted my money befor christmas but doesn't look like it's going to happen
  10. WELL DONE DELLER - YOU WON FIRST! Just got back online today after moving house, phoned the court about a week ago but they're waiting for judges decision before I can do anything! Will give them a ring again soon, are they 'open' on Saturday's? Once again CONGRATULATIONS - IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!
  11. From a business point of view, if you spot a fake note what do you do with it, simply refuse it and hand it back, or keep it and inform the police? I was of the understanding that you keep the note and inform the police, but this looks like it's wrong?!
  12. Bit annoyed, think I've understated the ammount I'm claiming. Ammount was the charges they owe me & 8% on top of each charge (as per spreadsheet) but I didn't add 8% onto total claim. Bummer! Oh well, just have to make do with just under 4k coming my way! lol
  13. Interesting to note, I've recieved no offer since returning my AQ! Funny how they play it differently with everyone. Would like to recieve a partial offer so that I'm that bit nearer the end. Not long now deller:)
  14. Don't add in charges until court stage
  15. Please can someone reassure me with an answer to my previous question? No offer or response from Cobblers since transfer from MCOL to local court.I'm starting to get a bit worried that I've messsed up. My POC is below: Particulars of Claim Claimant has account ******** with Defendant from 19th February 1997 conducted on their standard terms and conditions.Claimant is claiming the return of £3247.85 taken by Defendant in charges over 4 years.The Defendant's charges are a disproportionate penalty and therefore unenforceable as they are contrary to common law.They
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