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  1. Use letter 6. Tear cheque in half and send it back. Just reply to the address who sent the cheque. Abbey don't always use solicitors.
  2. You might find that accepting the cheque and banking it is full settlement. To claim for additional charges I would imagine you will need to make another claim
  3. Yes you have the correct address as this is the registered address. It is unlikely to get as far as court but in the unlikely event then you would need printouts as part of your court bundle to prove the charges were debited.
  4. keep to your own timetable. I assume he has sent preliminary letter? if so next step is letter before action
  5. send a copy of your spreadsheet with your name account number ect on it. Dont bother sending the statements.
  6. As the name suggests moneyclaim online is for money claims. Why don't you estimate for December charges.
  7. The allocation questionnaire usually comes with the defence. give it a few more days, I am sure you will get them together
  8. You cant file for judgment until you have given Abbey a chance to reply. You say they have till middle of March, you have to wait and follow instructions on notice of issue
  9. sucess from Yorkshire bank, Abbey, BOS, Royal Bank of Scotland business account and Britannia building society. I am still waiting for results from sending in the bailiffs at Abbey in London. they owe me £55 for the bailiff fee. Good luck with yours
  10. Dolly It depends on the rate of interest you are claiming back. If you are going for the standard 8% then you can only claim this when you actually fill in your N1 or MCOL. If you are claiming back the interest they charged you then you use the advanced spreadsheet and claim that at the beginning.
  11. What did you put in section G of AQ and what POC did you use for N1 thanks
  12. Thanks Craig Jayne and Angel for your advice. I think I will visit a solicitor and get them to fight Biffa for me. The storeage ficility were the caravan is kept is a within a caravan sales shop and the owners of that have a claim against Biffa for the same freak windy day so they should settle mine also.
  13. I dont have legal expense cover. Should I seek legal advice?
  14. During the storms in January a roof blew off one of Biffa Waste's buildings and landed on my new caravan which was in storeage. My insurance company say that I am not covered for accidental damage but only fire and theft. I contacted Biffa with photographs of the totally destroyed caravan and they put me onto their loss adjusters Cinningham Lyndsey who inform me that I do not have a claim due to it being an act of god. What should I do now? Are they right? My caravan cost me £12000 less than a year ago. Polly
  15. I personally prefer the old fashioned route and do N1 and file at the local County Court. You can get more info in the POC and going to the court you hand over 3 copies of your claim and schedule. This way the court send out the schedule of charges together with the claim to the defendant and they cant then say that they never received schedule or you have provided them with little information. Providing you have filled in vampires spread sheet all the info they require regarding account and charges is all there. You really need to follow the step by step guide http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/31460-step-step-instructions.html
  16. Keep to your time table not theirs. For once you are dictating the situation not them.
  17. Chances are you wont receive the others. Follow the template letter in the library http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html Start your own thread. Makes it easier for members to follow
  18. crfx250 I think you are rude and I fail to see the point of your posts. You seem to have it all sussed out so I suggest you get on with it and stop wasting other peoples time. Good luck in getting your £42000 back. you sure need it!
  19. you need to paste your details so we can see it Polly
  20. Just follow the instructions in the template library for filing on-line http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/34887-5-money-claim-line.html Polly
  21. As a matter of interest did you receive their court bundle 2 weeks prior to your court appearance? Polly
  22. Write to the court stating claim number and simply say that you consider the case settled out of court and you wish to cancel claim
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