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  1. Hi, I haven't been on this site for a while but on checking my PM's a couple of people have asked how I got on with this and requested I update my thread. So, just to let people know, I never did receive any correspondence back from Black Horse . In the end I actually got a loan out with another company and paid Black Horse off in full, so I no longer have any dealings with them and the car is all mine.:grin: I won't be using them again that's for sure! Good Luck with any of you who are battling them at the moment.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I have doubled checked and it is definitely a 'personal loan' only so have sent off the above letter and I'll see what response I get.
  3. Hi, I purchased a car from Car Giant in 2003 using a personal loan through Black Horse Ltd which the sales people at Car Giant sorted out for me (I won't do this again but at the time it seemed the easiest option and I was a bit of a novice)! I am now looking at selling the car and saw some threads from others on here which said that when they had got a loan from Black Horse for a car they noticed that they had also been placed on the HPI register even though it was not Hire purchase, so I thought I had better check and lo and behold my car is on the HPI register showing outstanding
  4. We won!!!!!!! Have received cheque from Natwest for full amount! We were getting worried as court date was getting nearer but they stumped up beforehand as usual!
  5. Thanks Parkvale. Will keep my fingers crossed they'll pay up and try to prepare ourselves in the mean time incase they don't
  6. Thanks for bump hedgey, lol!!
  7. Well , my husband received a letter from the Royal Courts of Justice Group (HMCS) yesterday which says: [Dear Sir, Your case has been transferred to the london Mercantile Court, which is based within the Admiralty and Commercial Court at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL. Please see, for guidance, CPR 59 and the Practice Direction. Your case has been allocated the number ****-*** this number to be used in future correspondence. There will be a Small Claims Hearing in this case and in several others which raise the same or similar issues at 9:30 on Tuesda
  8. Hi, We are still waiting to hear from the mercantile court and have still not had an AQ sent. Does anyone know how much longer it is likely to be? We're getting worried that something may have been lost in the post and our case will be thrown out!! We had a letter from Cobbetts about a week ago requesting a schedule of charges (again!) which we have sent once more (hoping they just want to know how much to write the cheque for, lol).:grin: Any help / advice would be greatly received! Jane
  9. Thanks for that. Have not heard anything yet but shall sit it out. Jane XX
  10. Hi, I was successful in clawing back all my bank charges from Natwest at the end of last year:-D and so am now doing the same for my husband. Claim was made on MCOL and a defence was placed by Natwest at the last minute and a request made for CPR18 (as usual!). This was at the end of March and we also received a letter from MCOL around the same time saying that our case was being transferred to our local court and they advised that we would be sent an AQ. We have yet to receive the AQ but did receive a letter from our local court a few days ago saying that the judge has refer
  11. Hi Madge, Sound good to me. Hopefully not much longer til you receive a nice fat cheque! Jane
  12. I'm sure you won't do - they will pay up and hopefully in a couple of weeks! Fingers crossed for you, Jane
  13. Hi Madge, How are things going? You replied to my threads quite a bit and I've just found your thread so thought I'd give you some support back! I received my cheque on Monday for full amount so am sure you'll be getting yours in next few weeks. After putting in my AQ it was about 2 and a bit weeks til receiving my cheque so fingers crossed! Jane
  14. CONGRATULATIONS! I also got my cheque yesterday!!!! Enjoy spending. I am also going back to beginning as starting off a claim for my hubby, so speak to you soon re that, hee. Jane
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