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  1. What agreement? The agreement between the policy holder and the insurance company? I have no knowledge of that, I have no agreement with them, all I agreed to was to make a one off payment as far as I am concerned. As far as I know, when I have done similar payments, it has meant I must agree to the use of my card for that payment during the phone call. So different companies can use different rules about my personal bank card details?
  2. Yes it is a monthly paid car insurance policy. I looked up the basic card holder data guidelines for merchants last night as soon as I saw this payment it says Do Not Store card holder Data unless absolutely necessary. I make a monthly payment on 3 accounts over the phone and these people ask for my details for every payment, all during one single call. As far as I am concerned my card details were not Given or authorised as an alternative guarantor type source of payment, but for this one off payment. In the time that has passed the card holder might have died
  3. I paid my daughters car insurance premium last December because she was struggling. This week I noticed a payment on my bank account to the same company. I did not authorise this payment. My daughter is currently out of the country, and although that figure may be owed I thought it illegal for any company to retain card details. Am I correct in this belief? If so who do I take this illegal payment up with, my bank or directly with the company involved?
  4. If you don't know the answer, let me hear your thoughts.
  5. Strange question maybe, but I moved into a shop with flat above it. The Electric and Gas were single suppliers, so one account for each utility for both shop and flat. The water companies have separate accounts, so we get 2 demands for clean water for shop and flat, plus 2 separate demands for sewage/waste water. So for one supply of water to both flat and shop, used by my wife and me, we get two bills, and we get two bills for waste water. The hot water/central heating is fed from the same boiler to both parts of the building, the waste is taken into the same drain.The shop has tw
  6. Sorry I am back again. I am having problems filling out the spread sheet. I have got the first three columns, but in the fourth and fifth columns , it shows in the formula window (if thats what its called)the following and I am almost sure fifth column is left as it is but where do I insert the date in the fourth column ? And why do I see #NAME? on the graph ? I have searched for an answer and tried variations, but must admit my knowledge is extremely limited, and my patience is waning. Thanks in advance for any help
  7. Again thanks for the swift reply. Don't go too far, I am sure I will be worrying you for more answers. Thanks
  8. Many thanks for the speed of your reply. I am still confused as to whether and when to add interest. The first link says in bold, ' but do NOT include the 8% interest on the schedule yet', while the draft letter speaks of X amount in charges plus overdraft interest of X amount totaling X amount. Have I spotted a problem, or is it my interpretation ?
  9. I need someone to hold my hand. I have received the documentation I requested, I can spot the charges and I can add them up, but there is more to it than that isn't there ? I am a practical person, I normally swing a hammer or screw driver, I am not into bookwork. Do I use the simple interest calc ? Is there any other advice thread to give me step by step guidance ? This site is far too big for to get around without a guide. Many thanks for any help.
  10. That is the address, I used shorthand. That's who will receive my letter, thanks for your help.
  11. Many thanks, That is what I would have thought too. I shall start to draft an answer to that effect. As an after thought, should I reply directly to the address on the latest letter ? My original went to NatWest Bishopsgate London, the reply from PO Box 1000 Edinburgh ?
  12. I copied the SAR letter and posted it dated 21st June. I have received a reply asking for a letter of authorisation for the joint account for me and the wife dated 1st July. Is this a stalling tactic ? I had not asked for information for that account as I don't recall any charges related to it. Should I decline or submit the letter of authorisation, will it need another £10 fee, if I send it ? Is there a form of wording for this authorisation ? Is there a form of wording for declining to send the authorisation ? I am asking because I don't want to put a foot wrong, es
  13. So.....by the deafening silence, there are no experts on here to advise me, or I am doomed ? Fully Repairing Leases are a contentious subject for sure.
  14. Three years ago my wife and I took on a fully Repairing lease for a shop and its accommodation. The Landlord assured us at the time that although the Lease was strict on the length of term and notice etc. that if it did not work out, it would be in all our interests to forget the small print and we could give reasonable notice at any time.We took on a lot of his old stock, and bought several sundries, furniture, fittings etc. for the shop, which we agreed to pay in installments, much of this is still 'in stock'. From the start it didn't work out too well. We struggled on, falling furthe
  15. Thanks for the encouragement. It is a personal account, and common sense would dictate my simple request the best course for the bank in the circumstances. A charge of £38 for every default, tips the scales irretreivably especially when several occur on the same day and the cost is more than the DD itself. The prospect of taking on the might of the bank you have used for 15 plus years is more than a little daunting, but it has to be done. I shall be updating as this proceeds.
  16. My leter as above was delivered on the 26th March by hand into my Kent branch, a letter dated 28th March arrived from Edinburgh by second class post on the 3rd April. It appears to be a standard letter, its opening line is... "We acknowledge reciept of your complaint about bank charges. We believe that your complaint concerns the level, fairness and lawfulness of the charges" It then goes on to say they would normally resolve my complaint internally but due to being involved with legal proceedings about charges that should resolve the legal issues regarding my charges, they will ba
  17. The letter will be hand delivered tomorrow. I have had a good relationship with the bank so far, I will try this way as my first softly softly option, then claim when I am better prepared. Thanks for the reply, I am not ignoring it.
  18. I have recently been recieving charges for lack of funds against DD and other scheduled payments, I am asking for advice for wording of the following letter, which should be self explainatory, any alterations needed ? I had not intended to reclaim charges at this time as they have not been excessive as yet. I shall let you know the outcome of my plea. Dear Sir/Madam Reference Acc. XXXXXXXX Fees applied I have been banking with Nat West for many years and have been a good customer, in that my account has been earning Nat West a return on account fees and overdraft co
  19. It does help many thanks...here we go......
  20. I have tried to search for an answer but cant find one...... Can a pursue charges for ex accounts, accounts that are no longer active, accounts that were closed ? My wife has several.... Many thanks
  21. First post before I start to take in all the information. My son directed me here asking if I thought it was any good....I think it is. I shall make a few more trips around picking up as much knowledge as I can before sending him my advice....and work with him and on my wife's account. A brilliant Action group....many thanks before even starting
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