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  1. hi just spoke to the supervisor at halifax call centre, she said (amongst other things!!)that my charges will be put on hold if i was goin to court with them, is this because of the test case or she reffering to my acount??
  2. Ive just found out that after my promotion offer of 0% interest of the first year I have put on 27.9% interest charged on my Virgin/MBNA credit card. In my terms and conditions that came with my card i was supposed to be puton 15.9% interest, I have just spoken to them and they said due to the rate on my account being variable and a review of interest rates I was put on this ludicrous amount of interest. Im absolutley disgusted!!!!!! Can anyone help me with this? can they do that?
  3. I have 3 days until the 40 days are up! Should I send the letter in the libaray, giving them 7 days, or, I received a letter from them stating that they have ordered my statements and they are on the way & "that any account charges applied to your account are a completly automatic transaction, any refunds given will be manual, please call us for more info"??? What the hell does that mean Opinions, can you help? What the hell does that mean:confused:
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