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  1. 3 years ago i foolishly got involved with a man[never again] he took me to the cleaners big time then did a runner. Was pursuaded to take out a joint loan by him and Welcome finance to pay off his car loan with Welcome as he had arrears, the loan was for £12k. £9k of it paid off the car and the rest the ex chap did a runner with and was never seen again. This loan is secured on my property and i cannot afford to pay it and havent paid anything for the last 18 months, i have had no correspondance from Welcome, i contacted them several times and they just wanted to extend the terms therefore getting me into more debt. Politely i said no thanks.The balance was then £26k i darent ask what it is now. It has now been sent to head office. The thing is i want to put my house on the market but dont want to have to pay all this money back, is there anyway round it, could i offer a smaller settlement figure, should i get a solicitor involved. need advice pls :confused:
  2. Can you offer full and final's on a secured loans does anyone know
  3. Cheers thanks for this advice i'll get on with this straight away, i just feel as its a secured loan no one wants to help...
  4. Hi i need serious help with this company, four years ago i was in a bad relationship with a guy who forced me to take out a loan with him, this was to pay off his car finance, also provided through welcome.. The loan was secured on my property, and £12k was borrowed, the other party then ran off with another woman and about £4k the rest paid off the car finance, i struggled to pay £400 per month then fell behind, cleverly the insurance was taken out in his name only so when i lost my job i couldnt claim, the amount outstanding is around £25k now, i havent paid anything to them and risk losing my home, He hasnt paid a penny and cannot be located even though he is first charge on the loan but its secured on my property, i dont know what to do no one wants to help and i dont want to have to sell my house to pay off all this money i havent had a penny of, Welcome have sent my details to head office and i never recieve any correspondance from them, should i contact them and offer £10k to settle do you think they would agree to this.
  5. Hi everyone i'm well on the way to claiming back my charges, sent all letters now everything has gone quiet, i have e mailed Halifax and told them i will be starting legal proceeding against them, but nothing this was over a week ago. I need help filling in this N1 form, do i just send it to Trinity Road address, i'm sending this form instead of doing moneyclaim online as i am unemployed and cant afford the £80 fee. any help would be great...:?
  6. So the first letter i sent doesn't count, ok so i'll have to wait a little longer. Will give me more time to read all the info on here, gosh its sooo confusing. Thanks guys will keep you posted..
  7. I'm a little angry with Halifax as i have requested all charge info for the last six years, [is that how far you can go back?] Twice... the first time i gave them 28 days to respond to my request.. Nothing! So i then sent a request for the info registered post i enclosed a bankers draft for £10, its been nine days now and nothing. Are they taking the p*ss out of me or what . What do i have to do to get this ball rolling. I'm not giving in but i will be letting rip at these guys if they dont send me my requested info. Anyone else having this trouble at the moment? :-x
  8. Hi everyone, i am now on a mission to reclaim all of my bank charges from the Halifax, i have sent out one letter requesting info on all charges, and no reply as yet its been over a month so i will write again, this time send the letter recorded delivery, has anyone else had trouble with them not replying to requests of charge info. Cate x:D
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