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  1. I have a question about interest that I don't think anyone has answered yet... Say one month I paid £1 interest on fees of say £50 (just making up these numbers) Then the next month I would actually be paying approx £1.02 interest on the £51 Then the next it would be about £1.04 interest on the whole £52.02 and so on... These little increments can add up over time - but more important is the fact that it is compound - we are payng interest on the previous months interest... The spreadsheets I have seen so far just seem to calculate it on the fees, and not on the fees PL
  2. What about getting an 070*** number as this is even more expensive than the 0870/1 numbers? That might seem a bit more than getting your own back but bear in mind that they won't have to wait for years in a queue for you whereas we have to spend ages waiting for them - being charged all the while... What do you think?
  3. Hi I bought a mobile through onestopphoneshop and had to claim my cashback from them. The first claim went fine and dandy. The second claim they rejected due to an error on their part but they fixed this and I got my money fairly promptly. It's the third and final claim that I am now having nightmares with. I sent them the correct bill (my 12th bill dated 02 Dec 2006) within the timeframe specified (I have my recorded delivery slip and they have said it was received on time) along with all the relevant information. However, they sent me a letter back saying that my claim was re
  4. I had the same problem with Barclaycard I definitely didn't tick the box but was charged the insurance for 4 months until I realised. I just phoned them up and they were actually pretty helpful - gave me the usual rubbish about how great the insurance was, blah blah blah - but then they refunded my money on the next statement with no problems. Just keep insisting you did NOT tick that box. Good luck Cx
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