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  1. Hmmmmm! how in-te-resting! just might do that methinks!
  2. It's difficult to say, the letter is laid out to look like a statutory demand. Should the demand have a court stamp or mark on it? because this one doesn't - hmmmm smells a bit, I must say!
  3. Hello again! Just a quick update - Today, I have received ANOTHER statutory demand for bankruptcy from Capquest. (22/01/09) Again, do I wait until the demand has been served before I can set it aside? It looks like a well laid out form, made to scare me into action. What do you peeps think?
  4. Thanks everyone for your input, advice is always welcome! I've just checked my Experian credit report, and it looks like this particular debt will "fall" off my report automatically after 6 years. This'll make my credit score a bit healthier. :)
  5. Hello folks, me again! Having just returned to this thread (after a looong time - sorry) I have just received another letter, this time from CAS (Credit Ancillary Services) who have now taken over the debt from Equidebt. They are offering a discount of 50% if I sort out this debt within 6 months. Looking back over my thread (above) the original CCA, has a date written on it (17th January 2003) - if my maths are correct, that makes 17th January 2009, SIX years after the agreement. Does that mean that by this date, the debt would now be STATUTE BARRED? - and the reason that CAS
  6. Okey doke, i'll have to dig me scanner out! - lol
  7. The actual letter they sent doesn't say much, just asking me to get in contact about setting up a payment scheme. Yah Boo! -
  8. UPDATE I've just received a letter from Crapquest, with a photocopy of my CCA(!) and account details, it looks legit. Date and signed, correct APR details. Looks like they have finally have me "banged to rights" The only thing i'm unhappy about, is that it's taken them so long, various requests and deadlines have long sinced passed. The date between them investigating my complaint, (even though I set them a target date) to them actually replying was over two months. Is there any other delaying tactics I could use? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  9. Just a quick note, CapQuest have sent a reply to the letter I sent them (thanks rory32) They say that the account is on "hold" for 28 days until they investigate further. I don't rate their chances, seeing as the original account holders, Clydesdale, couldn't produce the CCA! What I failed to tell you all, was that the original CCA request was in February..... 2007! Also the account has moved between Clydesdale (Now Barclays) AIC and now capQuest. I'll give them their 28 days, but the clocks ticking, watch this space! Nakered
  10. Would it be wise to state at the top of the letter that "I do not recognise the debt" or summink like that? also, should I put in the letter about reporting them to OFT and FOS too?
  11. So rory32, in my case, i'll just have to send a letter informing them of a (expired) CCA request, and hopefully that will make them think twice about issuing me with a Statutory Demand. (they are due to issue me with one, on or around 2nd April 08) Any ideas about how to lay the letter out? - thanks
  12. Thanks PossVox! what a super, speedy reply - ta muchly!!
  13. Thanks for the info folks, but is there anything else that may be of use too? Thanks again -
  14. bump Sorry to butt in, but i'm having trouble finding these forms too! - i've clicked on the links (typed in "County Court") but can't see the forms - help!!
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