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  1. Maroondevo52 Thanks for the confirmation. Regards Falkirkjambo
  2. Question Is the Preliminary approach for repayment letter the same for businesses ? Regards Falkirkjambo
  3. Do I need to have an address in England or can I make a claim to a bank address in England ? Also would I be better lumping a my claims together and starting again ? Looking for advice Regards Falkirkjambo
  4. Update Received letter from bank basically withdrawing the previous offer and advising me to refer my concerns to the Financial Ombudsmann Service. Question Should I phone and try to negotiate or start court proceedings Regards Falkirkjambo
  5. Hi Update. I claimed £746.84 (£632.00 + £114.84 int) for the period 23/7/01 – 27/5/05. I have been offered £694.00 as full and final settlement of my complaint regarding bank charges made on my Bank of Scotland accounts. No mention has been made of specific dates. I have another 2 claims ready to make on this account one for £607.27 for the period 1/6/05 – 30/8/06 and another which is ongoing. I am prepared to accept the £694.00. What is the best way to achieve this? Can I simply change ‘’in full and final settlement of our complaint regarding bank charges made on our Bank of Scotland accounts’’ To ‘’on the condition that it is a partial settlement and that I can continue with my claim. Or Do I Add during the period 23/7/01 – 27/5/05 at the end. Would appreciate some advice Best regards Falkirkjambo
  6. Thailand Thanks, I may have to gey the first one settled then. Anyone else got any experience on this? Best regards Falkirkjambo
  7. Question? I have split my claim in two to get it under £750.000, Do I have to wait until the first claim has been resolved to start the second claim? Also Can I claim on credit cards that are now closed? Would apppreciate some guidance Best regards Falkirkjambo
  8. Update 14/9/06 Letter Before Action Letter sent today.
  9. Update Sent preliminary approach letter 31/8/06 Received response from bank dated 4/9/06, stating a customer relations manager will investigate the points I have raised and that I will receive a reply Shortly, but certainly no later than 4 weeks Will send Letter Before Action (LBA) on 14/9 06 if no reply received
  10. Just noticed that I received my statements from address in England, can I make my claim to that address and go for it in on chunk and also go back the 6 years? Also still not clear on the issue of claiming back the interest on the preliminary request letter Falkirkjambo
  11. The preliminary approach for repayment letter includes the text below. What I require I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX . I enclose a schedule of the charges which I am claiming with this letter Surely this means you should include the interest? Still confused Falkirkjambo
  12. That's my understanding as well. Can anyone confirm this is the case?
  13. Hi Can anyone advise me if I should include interest in my preliminary approach for repayment letter? Best wishes Falkirkjambo
  14. Now really confused Can anyone say with any certainty that interest should or should not be asked for in first letter. Falkirkjambo
  15. Thailand A bit confused, I copied the Preliminary approach for repayment leter from the library and it includes asking for interest .see below What I require I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX . I enclose a schedule of the charges which I am claiming with this letter Best wishes Falkirkjambo
  16. Thanks for your help guys Letter sent to Bank of Scotland informing them of my intention to claim £740.47 along with spreadsheet of chgs and interest. Best wishes Falkirkjambo
  17. Debt Mountain About to claim £1,341.94. Should I break it down into 2 chunks? If so which chunk should I go for first? The most recent or the oldest? Also Should I be sending my corres to the head office? Best wishes Falkirkjambo
  18. Thanks guys Can I also claim back the monthly maintenance charge of £15.00 Best wishes Falkirkjambo
  19. Have now received all my statements. Have read all the Q &A but can't work out if i should claim the full amount ie £30.00 for bounced cheques or do I have to deduct a fair charge and claim less Falkirkjambo
  20. Wx Thanks August 2000 is as you say 6 years ago but my account is still open. Should i think about closing it and going somewhere else ? Falkirkjambo
  21. First post Sent the Data Protection Act request letter on 31st July requesting complete list of charges relating to my banking history. Today received copies of statements relating to the period August 2000 - May 2004. with a letter stating the information related to the period for period i had reqested. This is not correct as I did not specify these dates. My question is will I have to send another letter asking for the missing information and pay another £10 ? Also how far back can I go 7 years or 6 years. Best regards to everyone Falkirkjambo
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