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  1. They won't let us leave, which is a huge issue. We're already on the getting the copies of the settled accounts thing - pain in the rear is they're with the damned accountant at the moment!
  2. OK, I walked into a right bomb site this evening. I'm staying with parents, who run a farm business. They have been in dispute with British Gas (BG) for some time.... bear with me while I try and explain. They signed a contract with Enron in 2000 for electricity supply for five years. Enron never billed us (they billed someone in Somerset, go figure), then blew up. British gas took it over when Enron blew up. They then billed us for everything, without telling us they were taking over the account. This was disputed because the bill was over-charged. This turned out
  3. Thanks for everyone's help on this. Unfortunately I kinda 'caved in' and paid it today I sat down today and talked through the situation with a mate who said 'just pay it'. I'm moving house shortly and I really needed to make sure this didn't fall like a big fat turd on my credit record, as I went to get another mortgage. I'm utterly gutted to 'just' cave-in after the aggravation from the cock who's pulled this on me, but I can't risk losing this and screwing up my credit record at this point. Many thanks for your help. I really appreciate it but I just don't think it's worth
  4. OK, here's what the claim form says: Then it lists two invoices, which have never been provided. The invoices list invoice dates and due dates, which have never been agreed or provided. I then have a separate page, which has a list of items and packets provided to me. It includes a meal during a trip last May!. This has no invoice number or other details, but talks about part-payments being made '(in Goods)' and 'payment received on my behalf'. The original email listing out a demand for payment even included a line 'Goats cheese with peppers swapped for Bisto',
  5. Thanks for the responses. I have a letter from Bristol County Court, which says The defence is struck out on the grounds that it fails to disclose adequate particulars of the defence. Unless by 4:00pm on 2nd September 2009 the defendant files a further defence that discloses full particulars of the defence, the claimant may enter judgement. I rang Bristol County Court last week and the person I spoke to pulled the file and said it had been transferred to Bristol because there was a Bristol address on one of the pieces of correspondence. I explained that I was living and workin
  6. That's definitely what Monday morning holds. Thankfully all the reference numbers stack up, so it's all associated with a single action.
  7. Hi, this is still rumbling onwards. I got notification that the claim was being transferred to Newport IOW, as that's where I'm living and working now. I hadn't heard anything for a while and then I got a notice from Bristol County Court, which is an order, telling me that the defence had been struck out on the grounds that it fails to disclose full particulars of the defence. I presume this is because I didn't include copies of the correspondence where I outlined the grounds on which I would settle. Providing those isn't an issue, although it sounds like I should probably have a
  8. Many thanks for your response. I've acknowledged service. I'm filing my defence. I've repeatedly requested invoices, but always on the phone, when they've called me. The claim form details two invoices, with reference numbers. I've never seen either of those documents. The best the claimant could manage is a single sheet which lists out numerous things, but has no reference number etc on it. The thing I'm stalling on is what are the characteristics of a legitimate debt - what does it need for someone to claim it in a small claims court? Any help greatly appre
  9. Sorry to bounce this back up - I'm just trying to finish off the defence form. The advice I got from a solicitor was that if there was no contract and no payment terms agreed, then it's not a legitimate debt, that I should outline the lack of any invoice and that this was an arrangement between friends. He's included a meal he paid for in the list of things he wants paid - there is no invoice, just a list (despite what the claim form says). You're saying leave out meals. Where do I stand with this - sorry, I'm a bit confused.
  10. My issue is that this was all done 'as friends' from the outset, until things turned ugly. I have a lot of emails about this whole thing, but it's all pretty circumstantial. I've offered (via CCI Legal, which may be an issue) to return some of the parts that he supplied, which were useless as they didn't fit - I've kept them in the box they were supplied in. I've not shipped them back as I never got confirmation that he would accept them back. What's the situation with regards to contacting the guy directly, as I've not had contact with him since the incident. Obviously CCI ar
  11. I'll try and keep this short. I trade car parts to and fro with a guy in Holland, for a couple of years, so there's always money outstanding one way or another. Things go titsup on a trip we go on as friends in May 2008, when he lies to me about some circumstantial stuff, he storms off, sends me a brief email demanding I send him payment for some outstanding things. The demand totals £239. I don't respond, as the trip cost me quite a lot of money due to his deceit and this whole thing's been done on a 'friends' basis up til this point. In July I get a letter from CCI Legal,
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