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  1. I get £110.85 a week, but have to pay shortfalls on rent and council tax.
  2. Well, I am appealing being in this group to start with anyway. I suffer with ADHD, apparently this lifelong condition will improve in 6 months, yet I've had it since birth. Obviously the people at ATOS have no experience in mental health conditions and assume that a person will get better even though they said on my medical report that I have a "Significant mental disability". After 6 months they re-assessed me. I was taken off my medication and things are a lot worse now because I have a heart problem caused by taking Methylphenidate. I feel so angry at being treated like this. I am cur
  3. Hi there, I live in Bradford, West Yorkshire. My Incapacity benefit claim was transferred to Employment and Support Allowance (WRA) in October 2012. I know 2 other people who are on ESA who have received 4 cold weather payments this year but they are on the income related side of this benefit. After speaking to the DWP, their stance is that although other people on those other claims receive exactly the same amount of money, I do not qualify for any cold weather payments. The extra money that they do pay me as part of contribution based ESA is gobbled up by Rent and Council Tax shortfalls
  4. Heh... Just checked my account at 10pm tonight (10th July 2011), my money was paid into my account! So I paid off my overdrawn balance, but guess what! It showed the credit as taken place on the 11th July 2011!!! AFTER the Debit Card transaction that sent me overdrawn.... AFTER!!!? SERIOUSLY!? So we are left with a catch 22 scenario. My account balance was shown as overdrawn on Sunday morning on the 10th July 2011. The transaction that sent me overdrawn has the date of 11th July 2011, which for those checking their calendars is TOMORROW. My other santander account
  5. Okay okay! I get it, I shouldn't use my card in such a manner and I won't be doing so again. I'll just have to call them and act dumb and say as I'm a new customer could you please waive this fee as a one off and it will never happen again. If I do really get desperate for money I know that a transaction that I complete on a Sunday can never send my account overdrawn and is a much safer way of borrowing without paying fees. However Friday night is a big NO NO, and so is saturday because they are still open and it could bite me on the rear. If I have to pay £30, then I'll take it
  6. No I disagree. When a person uses an offline debit card, like in my case where I used a Visa Debit card. The bank does not check the balance of the account before deciding to authorize a transaction. The bank however only places these funds on hold, which would reflect on my available balance. In this case the transaction placed my available balance as -£7.39, this stays on hold until Tesco decides to complete the transaction at their end. Only today the actual balance was made into -£7.39 because they placed the transaction on my statement. Regardless if Tesco have actually claimed the f
  7. Hi, I got this Everyday Current account from santander a couple of months back. And I found that if I spent money on my debit card on a weekend, then my wages that are paid in on a monday would cover it and I would not get into an unarranged overdraft. Problem being, this time I spent something on friday night. I logged in this morning at 1.17am (10/07/2011) and to my horror my balance shows -7.39! On my statement it reads: Date: 11/07/2011 Description: CARD PAYMENT TO TESCO STORES SACAT, 7.40 GBP ON 08-07-2011 Money out: £7.40 Balance: -£7.39 HANG ON, HANG ON SA
  8. I've sent that private message to you regarding the identity of the housing association. I just got another e-mail from them saying: "The Woolf protocal allows their insurers 21 days to acknowledge the claim and a further 3 months to investigate prior to a decision on liability being made". He also added that "at that point they might ask for medical records and the like". Looks like I'll have to get onto my doctor and ask for medical records, although I did read up online that all my out of pocket expenses can be reimbursed by my landlord, but at what point I'm not sure. Feel free to comment
  9. I'm not actually sure I should give their name as if their insurance company is looking into this, I shouldn't be bad mouthing the housing association prematurely. I will update this post when I start receiving correspondance from the insurance company, so people can comment and help as the process gets underway. Many thanks for your comments so far!
  10. Hi there! I have been living with a social housing assocation for the last 7 years on a secure tenancy, and during my tenancy I have had several issues with damp and mould over the years. On the first occasion I took photographs of the damage and did the complaints procedure and even spoke to the housing ombudsmen when the housing association was being a bit difficult. That first case was settled with damages paid to me for redecoration allowances and having to be moved to another property whilst the work had been carried out. It turns out that during the winter months, the external wa
  11. Turns out that they did squeeze that bit of information into my bill, I'm online billing so it's difficult to notice these things unless you download the pdf file and actually read it properly. I just read overview on my screen, the part that lists your charges etc for that period. I think the way they operate stinks and they need to have some automated system set up that either writes to the customer or e-mails them with a brief note. "Hi, it's BT here... sorry, but your montly payment amount is going up by £83.50, let's see if you have a merry christmas... HO HO HO! We definately will!"
  12. Partners mobile phone call usage. Basically, I've had a massive arguement over this. But I thought BT could only increase your monthly payment direct debit with 14 days notice or something along those lines. I haven't received a single letter or e-mail advising me of an increase. I'm thinking I should have just let it go through, get the bank charges and open a complaint about the amount being changed without a scrap of written notification. But they'd probably fob me off with (it's your duty to monitor your usage). Bleh : I had this last time, nobody would accept fault. BT increased the
  13. I'm wondering if this has happened to anybody else? I logged into my BT account on the 09/12/2009, only to find that BT had increased my monthly direct debit from £31.00 per month to £114.50 per month. I was shocked at this and attempted to edit my payment agreement online to make it less. Unfortunately, they set the edit options as unavailable and gave me little or no choice but to cancel my direct debit. I'm sick of BT doing this, they put up the amount, if I didn't check it then I would have gotten a failed direct debit charge with my bank at Halifax and would have to pay an additio
  14. Hi, just got a letter this morning from Kingston Communications which is the ISP Karoo in Hull. Basically they've suspended my service under their "Acceptable Use Policy" for File Sharing - Notice of copyright infringement. Their accusations are quite specific, especially when it comes to the information regarding the content downloaded. Their readout appears as follows:- Title: * Infringement Source: BitTorrent Infringement Timestamp: 22 Jun 2008 13:10:11 GMT Infringement Last Documented: 22 Jun 2008 13:10:11 GMT Infringer Username * Infringing Filename: * Infringi
  15. Hi, can anyone advise me how to proceed. I've received a letter from Capquest advising me that they have bought a debt from halifax bank and that I owe them £4,600. Now, I'm not going into details of whether I owe the money or not... but, I suspect that a portion of this debt was generated through Bounced Cheque charges and Unauthorised Overdraft Charges and relevant amounts of intrest on top. Can I go through the standard recovery procedure and obtain a list of all charges with the Data Protection Act letter and counter claim for these charges through the same county court action? I'm sure th
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