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  1. Cheque received on Friday 12th January. I will now send them the Notice of Discontinuance. Sorted! I hope this helps motivate others to carry on their fights! I'm onto Barclays and Nationwide now....
  2. I received a full offer from Yorkshire Bank (well Clydesdale) on 21st December telling me I had to accept by the 20th! I ignored the date deadline given they'd made it impossible for me to respond in time anyway, and faxed my acceptance back on the 22nd. Mine did include costs though (£120 court costs + £100 allocation questionnaire) but I guess I wait until the New Year to find out if my 'late' reply means we proceed to court.
  3. Well, I have finally received a full offer of £1985 + £220 costs from the Yorkshire Bank. It's only taken them 6 months! Of course the offer states it does not mean that the Bank are acknowledging their charges are unlawful, they are merely paying up to avoid excessive court costs. Whatever. I have returned a signed copy of their letter to state I accept the offer, but will not file the Notice of discontinuance as requested, and will wait until I receive their cheque. As soon as it is in my hand, I'll be letting you all know, and once it's cashed CAG can look out for my donatio
  4. There are notes on the site as to how to fill in an AQ. If you PM me your email address I can send you a copy of mine to help. Can you start your own thread, Marie and then you'll probably have some regular viewers and helpers! You seem to be doing well so far so keep on with it! Isie
  5. I guess my next course of action is a letter to the judge to report that Yorkshire have failed to meet the deadline. Will try and put something together during my lunchbreak (or discreetly before then!). I need to tell the Bank which docs I want to see before Monday 20th. I can't very well do that without a list, can I?
  6. Ok, so with much help and hand-holding from Bankfodder and Caro, today I filed my list of documents for standard disclosure with Yorkshire Bank. The deadline was 4pm and I sent them by fax at about 8.30am. I then rang the contact number for YB's solicitor (as provided on their Allocation Questionnaire) and got an answerphone message telling me the number was no longer in use, and that if I was calling about bank charges I should write a letter to the St Vincent address in Glasgow. Looks like they've received the odd call or so! Anyway, YB were also supposed to file a list of docs with me by
  7. After rejecting YB's offer over a month ago, yesterday I finally received notice of my hearing date - 5th February 2007. The letter has a section entitled Documents, and states: "Each party shall give to the other party standard disclosure of documents by serving a list of documents by 4.00pm on 13th November 2006." What does this mean?! What do I have to do in time for Monday?! Also, under a section called Witnesses, I am requested to send my witness statement in by 11th December. What information should I be including here? I would really appreciate some advice as I'm tota
  8. I think that the 28 day stay to allow time to settle that YB asked for in their AQ must nearly be up (will check paperwork at home tonight). Do I have to do anything or notify the court that we have been unable to settle in that time? Or will the court continue my claim on the basis I would have notified them had settlement been reached?
  9. I will be claiming from the Nationwide later this year. When I closed my account I was £800 overdrawn and repaying it through a debt management plan. Nationwide then offered to accept £400 in full and final settlement which I paid. If I claim my £200 or so back in charges from them, they couldn't possibly credit the closed account with it, could they? Think I'll need to specify payment by cheque in my letter somewhere.....
  10. Exactly! I just needed someone to give me the nudge to keep on. I am responding with the following: Dear Ms Ross, Thank you for your letter dated 25th September 2006, and the offer of £1708 to conclude this matter. Unfortunately I cannot accept the terms of your offer and intend to continue with the action to receive the full amount plus interest plus costs. Further to this, as Yorkshire Bank have had considerable time to consider this matter, I feel it appropriate to claim interest under section 69 of the Count Courts act 1984 at the rate of 8%apr for each of the o
  11. I received an offer from YB yesterday. My claim is for £1956 plus interest plus costs and they have offered me £1588 plus £120 court fee. No offer of the £100 I've paid with my AQ. I'm inclined to reject the offer and hold out for at least £1956 + £220 costs. What would you do, anyone?
  12. I was notified of my case being transferred to my local court whe I received the defence and AQ from the court.
  13. I think you'll get a defence sent on the 10th October, as YB leave all this to the last minute. Next you'll have to submit the allocation questionaire, and YB will probably offer to settle once you have received a court date. From my reading of the various posts, that seems to be the way they work. I received a defence from them at the last minute - I went into Moneyclaim on day 28 and the judgement button was there but I wasn't able to hit it yet. On day 29, the judgement button had gone because a defence had been submitted! I've now returned my AQ and am awaiting a court date. Been awai
  14. Rechecked YB's defence - definitely no mention of counterclaim. Allocation questionnaire sent today.
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