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  2. £3340 plus court costs, but due to an error on my part this figure includes interest when its supposed to be another £400 odd. So I'm writting to them accepting the amount but requesting the addirional interest
  3. Claim filed on the 7th, acknowledged on the 13th, settled today. A VERY happy bunny I encourage everyone to see this through, its worth it in the end. Thank you to everyone who set up this site.
  4. I PM'd the details to a moderator yesterday, dragon I think it was. Anyway, got a letter through today agreeing to refund the charges, plus interest & costs. However, I made a bit of a boo boo on the claim and instead of paying me £3340 they are paying me this minus the interest, so instead of paying me £3766.19 they are paying £2913.81 plus £426.19. Shall I write to them asking them for the additional amount?
  5. Got an acknowledgement of service from the court today, the Halifax intend to defend the claim. Oh goody, I hope it gets all the way in to the court room Am I able to ask the court for additional expenses incurred in making the claim such as my time, taking time off work, and the general inconvenience of actually going to court?
  6. Yes, its very confusing with charges being duplicated on different sheets. For every month there is a sheet that lists the charges, of course on the following month these charges are shown as going out of your account. Use the spreadsheet available in the library section and sort everything by date order, this way you can see where the duplicates are and delete them. Only took me about an hour to go through it all. Merged threads, please keep to the same one.
  7. Thanks, I must have missed it. I actually sent it to the address that was on the reply telling me they wouldn't give me my money back, which is Trinity Road. Is this going to be a problem. Also, while I'm at it, when you are on the moneyclaim site and it asks for the figure you are claiming, do you include the interest in that figure, as when you click on the button to indicate you will be seeking interest it inserts some text in to the paticulars box which relates to the interest figure, wasn't sure.
  8. Well I wouldn't issue a summons if I wasn't prepared to go to court ;-) I Actually hope they defend it, thanks to this wonderful resource I feel I will be more than able to present my case, I'm almost hoping they try to defend Thanks again for a great resource.
  9. Sent preliminary letter, Got 6 years worth of account/charges info via DPA request Sent letter before action Now making the court claim, which address should the summons be sent to?
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