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  1. Anij, Request for further information pursuant to CPR18..if you haven't had one, contact the court, they can be helpful, I wouldn't just wait.
  2. Todge, you can only claim the interest when you make a court claim, and then its 8%
  3. Brunette...phone them up, I presume your letter is the SAR(subject access request) for statements. There's a number for the data protection dept in the RBS that handles all this 01316261165 ask for Joyce Tudor. Well I've just received the replacement cheque and banked it fast as I could. It'll be a good Christmas after all.
  4. You might aswell answer the CPR18, it is just a delaying tactic but its probably quicker in the end, if you counter CPR18 they'll probably fold as they just can't answer the question of "what are the actual costs incurred"
  5. Still not received my replacement cheque from Natwest, so I've faxed the court today asking them to set a date for the hearing, this might speed them up
  6. Received a letter from Natwest today offering me £70 for my second account, since I'm claiming £160 and I think I've proved my resolve, I'm inclined to decline
  7. I've spoken to Cobbetts this morning and they(Anne Marie Bolan) has said they will issue another cheque. Meanwwhile I've posted the other one back, sorry to see it go, it gave me a nice warm feeling in the wallet department. Thanks to everyone who has helped me and offered congrats, good luck to all those still claiming, and newbies can see my case has been very straight forward.
  8. and in the post a cheque for £200 from ACE, not a bad day, must start the next claim
  9. I've been looking forward to writing this post for several months I've won but they've put to be paid into a closed account on the cheque!
  10. hi Dell, just had a knock on the door, had to sign for a letter from Cobbetts, with a cheque for £3834.54...........got my kids this weekend, could be a sales spree in Manchester
  11. I've completed my CPR18 request for Cobbetts with only slight adjustment from Paul's template, and I've filed my CPR18 request asking " in relation to each charge identified by the Claimant in response to the Defendants request pursuant to CPR18, please provide the actual cost incurred by the Defendant in administering the alleged breach giving rise to the charge" They have 14 days to respond.
  12. Paul, thanks so much, this is exactly what I was looking for, I'll digest and sort out my response in due course.
  13. I've got my notice of Allocation to the Small Claims track today but it also includes the following point. "The Claimant shall by the 24th November 2006 file and serve answers to the request for further Informatiom dated 11th October 2006 and served by the Defendant" It seems that the court is supporting the defendants CPR18 request, I could do with some advice here. Has anyone else had this request from the court? Do I just follow one of the CPR18 replies?
  14. Brilliant news Clarky, the payout seems to follow the setting of the court date,.CONGRATULATIONS
  15. Been away this weekend, seems I've been missing a party......fantastic news CHEDDAR soooo pleased for you, can't be long for me now just rejected my 50% offer
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