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  1. The AA do have diagnostic machines - unfortunately they couldn't find the latest fault on my Mondeo, but they have been able to before. I would try them first as they may tow you to your chosen garage to get it repaired if they can't.
  2. Hubby bought a 2nd hand car on Saturday, the garage agreed a part-ex price for his car (£1000) and we left £100 deposit, but have phoned us today saying that they can only give us £800 part-ex. We went in to see them tonight, and negotiated that we would meet them half way and pay another £100 if they found the other £100. I’m really not happy about this, but unfortunately we didn’t have anything in writing saying the part-ex price, just a signed business card with the £100 deposit written on. We are due to collect the car tomorrow – still haven’t signed anything yet, but just wondered if they could do this as we had already left a deposit. DH was desperate not to loose the car as it is an unusual car and a good example which is why we said we would pay the extra £100 when we pick the car up tomorrow. Can they do this after we have paid a deposit? Or do they have us over a barrel as they know how much hubby loves the car? Any help really appreciated as we are due to collect the car tomorrow and guessing we won't be able to do anything after we have signed.
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