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  1. Yes, contractual rate of 26.9% claimed Charges total £600 + interest £244.33 Court cost £80 Paid in full with no trouble
  2. Thankyou for your help, Have a Great Xmas and a wonderfull new year. Smiffy01uk
  3. Please read pm i have sent Thanks Smiffy01uk
  4. Hi, Does anyone have a template for the particulars of claim for mcol when claiming contractual interest. I cant seem to get my head around what to state. Also defendants address would be very helpfull. Thanks in advance And good luck and a merry xmas to all. Smiffy01uk
  5. This is the text i used and have just been paid out Fill the bits in with your details, and good luck. Dont know why i say that as you wont need it 1. The Claimant has an account xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the Defendant, opened May 2002 2. Since 17/10/2002 the Defendant debited charges and interest in respect of purported breaches of contract. 3. Defendant is aware of all details as a list of charges has already been supplied. Another copy will be sent. 4. Claimant contends: (a) The charges exceed the Defendant's losses caused by the breaches; (b) The Term permitting the Defendant to levy such charges is unenforceable under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999, Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and at Common Law. 5. Claimant claims: (a) return of the amounts debited of £xxx; (b) Interest per S.69 County Courts Act 1984 of 8% - £xx continuing at 8% until judgment or settlement at a daily rate of £xxxx; 6. Alternatively, if the charges are a fee for a service, then they must be reasonable under S.15 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. 7. Costs allowed by the Court.
  6. Aaron i should imagine you will have a letter from cap 1 today or tomorrow, my mcol was also 31/10/2006 then monday they put up defence, and today i recieved a letter offering FULL REFUND
  7. MCOL done today, went with 8% interest in the end. You fools cap1, you could have paid up and saved some money
  8. Got standard final offer letter today. Can i go ahead with mcol applying contractual interest now. Im not sure as i havent quoted this in any correspondence with cap1, but i did say in the partial acceptance letter that i would be claiming interest. Is this enough to go ahead with?
  9. Bit of help needed, Just about to do mcol but as i have had a partial refund i obviously have to remove some of the charges starting with the newest first, which would put the one on the 15/11/2005 as £4. Is this correct, and what about the interest for the removed charges does this still apply? In Respect of: Amount Date Incurred Days Interest 8% APR LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 10/17/2002 1468 £6.46 LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 8/14/2003 1167 £5.13 LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 10/16/2003 1104 £4.86 LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 3/17/2004 951 £4.18 LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 5/16/2005 526 £2.31 LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 6/15/2005 496 £2.18 LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 7/16/2005 465 £2.05 *LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 8/16/2005 434 £1.91 *LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 9/16/2005 403 £1.77 LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 11/15/2005 343 £1.51 OVERLIMIT FEE £20.00 12/12/2005 316 £1.39 LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 12/15/2005 313 £1.38 OVERLIMIT FEE £20.00 1/9/2006 288 £1.27 LATE PAYMENT FEE £20.00 1/16/2006 281 £1.24 £280.00 £37.64 TOTAL £317.64 * ESTIMATED LATE PAYMENT FEE AS NO STATEMENT PROVIDED BY CAPITAL ONE
  10. Received cheque for £96 on 26-09-06. Surprise surprise its the difference between £20 and £12 minus the 2 charges that i estimated, as still no statements sent for the ones which are missing. Going to send partial acceptance off today, then LBA. Can i combine the two into one letter like this? Bit late sending it but as its my timescale i will decide if i want to be late The Executive Office Capital One Bank PO Box 5281 Nottingham NG2 3HX LETTER BEFORE ACTION ACCOUNT No. #### #### #### #### Dear Mr Udy Thank you for your letter dated 15/09/2006 I respectfully decline your offer of settlement. The OFT at no time recommended £12 to be acceptable-they stated that this was the point where they themselves would become involved. If a charge does not reflect a true estimate of costs,it is a penalty charge and as such, unlawful. I will accept the sum of £96 offered only as part settlement and on the clear understanding that I will pursue recovery of the remainder amounting to £184, with the County Court claim. Please find enclosed a copy of the schedule of charges that was previously sent in my letter dated 2 setember 2006. I require repayment in full of this money and. If you do not comply fully within 14 days then I shall begin a claim against you for the full amount plus interest plus my costs and without further notice. I trust this clarifies my position. Yours faithfully
  11. Just dug out spml paperwork and it states that there is a charge of 1% or 1 months notice required to end mortgage. Now im not sure if we gave them 1 months notice, Do you think its worth claiming this is a high charge for stopping a mortgage as it works out to be about £700 and then there is the fact they probably charged us the full months interest aswell.
  12. Totalled up now for £280, PAR going off monday. 3 months of statements missing right in the middle of the period i was getting charges so estimated that there will be more on these so put in a claim including missing ones
  13. Hi, Has anyone taken on Natwest home loans regarding missed mortgage payment charges? Also when i swapped mortgage last july if i remember correctly i had to pay SPML 1% of the balance even though we had finished the tie in period. Is there a chance of reclaiming this?
  14. Recieved a nice fat envelope form nottingham today. Time to get busy
  15. Dont go and buy anything!! Go to this site download: OpenOffice.org 2.0 Downloads and download open office then you should be able to use the spreadsheet for openoffice from my previous post.
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