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  1. Hi, (a) Write to the employer requesting minutes of the meeting they held with that employee... or to confirm (in writing) that no meeting has ever taken place... (b) Ask that employee to write a statement containing the date he was spoken to, who by and the content of that ''discussion'' (as far as he can remember).
  2. Well, With the information published by the newspaper it is difficult to assert the reason or reasons for their dismissal... More is needed to assess their situation...
  3. That should not happen... Don't worry... had your employer wanted to emphasise the fact that they would only employ someone who had gone through that training, they would have both stated so in their offer and in their interview...
  4. I do not see any problem in your post as you seem to have fulfilled the conditions put to you prior to them offering you the job...
  5. Hi, When you initially applied for that job, do you remember how the job offer was formulated? Was it offered under one, or more conditions? (ref. those two courses you are writing about)
  6. Hi, So your contractual hours are as noted in your original post! (07:00-15:00 and 15:00-23:00)... Is there any clause in your contract which stipulates that your employer could be entitled to move you from a position, department or shift in order to meet the needs of the business?
  7. Hi, Have a look at Form N265 online... http://www.justice.gov.uk/index.htm
  8. Hi, He always could resign and claim constructive dismissal on the grounds of breach of trust and confidence.
  9. Hi, This is cause for concern and a grievance should be raised in first instance, and wait for action they are prepared to take.
  10. Very well... Do not hesitate to come back if you need more information/help... Send a letter (recorded delivery) today, or tomorrow, to request all documents they will rely on at the hearing... Such documents should be in your possession in good time (so to speak) to give you ample time to prepare your appeal. Good luck!
  11. No problem... However, any letter you send MUST be sent ''Recorded Delivery''... Your aim, at the hearing will be to put your points across and to deconstruct the witness statement, or statements...
  12. [Thanks for editing your post] Prepare your appeal... Make sure you print out the ACAS - Code of Practice 1: Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures (2009). Request copies of the internal disciplinary procedures, copies of the statement, or statements they will rely on at the appeal (you may state in your letter that they can redact (delete) any names in their statements should they need to protect the identity of their witnesses), minutes of any hearing, or hearings you attended in relation to this incident, and prepare questions you may want to put across.
  13. Hi, Are wages agreements usually negotiated by a trade union?
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