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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thank you. I'm really not sure about this whole court thing. It seems so complicated. I can download the court bundle stuff but I don't understand ANY of it. Just supposing they start taking people to court. I would be useless! Not only that but I don't think I can even scrap together the money to take them to court anyway. THings really are that tight (thank you Barclays!!!). On the other hand, it's my money! And Why should I let them take £600 of it! It should be out of principal that I carry this through. It's them that have made things so tight for me. Aggghhhrrrrr....I
  3. Got an offer of £600 this morning (just over 1/2 what I am claiming) What do the majority of people do, accept partial payment but carry on with claim, or reject the lot? £600 is really needed right now.
  4. Recieved standard "sorry you are unhappy" letter this morning. They have until the 6th Feb then I send the LBA :O) They can stick their 4 to 8 weeks to look into it up their taffif ;o) I'm in charge of this one barclays.
  5. That's where I am sending mine. I think it all gets redirected to the relevent dept anyway. It doesn't affect the time scale in any way.
  6. Thanks, Michael. I got the 8% one ok, but wanted to claim back the interest that they charged me for going overdrawn due to thier charges. I tried to fill out the sheet but it all got V complicated and wasn't sure what I should be putting in where. I'm not figure minded, so I think I'll just stick to the 8%. Thanks anyway.
  7. No, I got 'em all. I had a whole 3 and a half year period where I wasn't charged once. Strange how dissapointed I am about it, lol. Like I say most charges have been in the last 18 months and I had another bad spell 7 years ago, but obviously I won't be claiming for them...yet! I want to claim interest on charges but it's all too confusing for me. Tried to use the spreadsheet but got in a muddle. So probably just claim back charges only. Unless anyone can give me idiot proof instructions? Will be sending my prelim letter tomorrow, once I've done spread sheet on other account.
  8. Thanks, Laineybelle Just doing my spread sheets now. I came to the same conclusion: two sheets, one claim. I did think I would have loads and loads of charges to claim back, but I'm actually quite surprised , thay dont add up to as much as i thought. £470 for one account (only had the account three years) and £700 for the other. Most of that was within the last 18 months though and i've got about thatagain but I miss out on that by about 6 months-1 year if I only claim back the 6 years. I'm not particularly assertive or ruthless so maybe like you I will wait until my confidence
  9. One final question:- Do people claim separately for different accounts or can you lump it all together in one? I'm thinking of the schedual of charges, wont it be complicated with two accounts on? Thanks
  10. Ok, I got the rest of the statements this morning. A little surprised as they have sent me statements as far back as 1995. I have heard some people are claiming back further that 6 years. Is this advisable, or should I just stick to the 6 years? They sent me my entire banking history with them. Seems rude not to use them. Jazzy
  11. Anyone? Not sure whether to ring them first thing and make a fuss or whether this is usual practice. Any help greatly appreciated.
  12. Finally got my statements this morning, but only for 1 of my 2 accounts with them. They do still have until thursday to send the rest to me but I find itodd that they were not all sent at the same time. My SAR clearly stated the two account numbers. Do they usually send different accounts separately? I wouldn't have minded but the account they did send details of only had a small number of charges on them. It's the other account which I know had significant charges on. Anyone else claiming for more than one account with Barclays?
  13. Thank you, welshman Am printing the letter as I speak, and it will be sent off tomorrow. EDIT: I just posted it, The feeling of satisfaction is great already. So glad I decided to do this at last.
  14. Also, in the SAR it requests the detail over the banking history, it doesn't mention 6 years at all. I know it's probably a silly question, but I want to get this right, Do I need to state 6 years or does the banking history already cover this. Yep, told you it's a silly question. Self explanatory really but going by my luck financially, I'll only shoot myself in the foot and end up doing something stupid nd only claim for a few months or something stupid.
  15. After umming and arring for nearly a year I have finally had enough. I'm sick of the poor customer service and horrendous attitudes of the staff at barclays. How they can charge people who are only just about living above the bread line so much is beyond me. Charging ANYONE is bad enough, but when every penny counts and they just don't want to listen to your circumstance I find this down right disgusting and very greedy. I have just printed off the first letter requesting a list of charges. I am claiming for two accounts but they are with two different branches. Do I need to say this or s
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