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  1. Gave SC&M a buzz this morning and first told me they could not find my file as a colleague was probably dealing with it at the time, he later asked me when the hearing was and came back to tell me that Lloyds have been instructed to settle my claim. I asked what would happen if I didnt recieve the funds by the hearing date (this Tuesday) but he said they were under intructions from solicitors not to offer advice. I am not 100% certain on the settlement as yet to recieve written confirmation or funds in my account, but its a sure sign
  2. Good luck with yours too mate, think i might get on the phone to SC&M tomoz to see what the score is!
  3. What is your status at the moment lucid? Your court date day after mine?
  4. Ok its been longer than 7 days and I still yet to recieve any correspondance from SC&M. I sent the second letter of Gary H's on non compliance to district judge this afternoon but i feel it wont leave much time. I only have until next tuesday to get this sorted!
  5. Sorry guidot I think you submitted the above post to the wrong thread!
  6. Ok thanks, court bundle was sent on 18th January by special delivery so should have been recieved by next day. Final day for SC&M was 22nd Jan to issue court bundle thing but i haven't recieved anything. So yesterday (22nd) I issued letter and copy of court letter relating to non compliance and allowed them the 7days, so next monday 29th jan I will send letter to judge.
  7. Anybody have full addy for the solicitors to send the court bundle too, thanks.
  8. Ok so far i have everything apart from the peter mcnamara audio file. The link i used here didn't work and besides and would prefer this in MP3 or WAV format for easy compiling to disc. If anybody has a copy please let me know. The house of commons bit i have decided to leave out, it doesn't seem to suggest much in my opinion, hope this will be ok! Thanks in advance.
  9. Ok I probz have left it a little late but i have court date for 6th February leaving me till Monday Jan 22nd to get my court bundle sent off! So far I have all my correspondance with TSB including data protection right up to N1 claim form and revised schedule to include the 8%. Also I have included a revised form to match my criteria of the statement of evidence to include both parts of service charge and pre estimate. Does anybody know where I can not find the house of commons report and also the office of fair trading report, thanks. Also I think I just need to header the bundle with details
  10. I got hold of the court but I'm still not sure what I intend to send. So far I have prelim letter and there response, letter before action and there response, list of scheduled charges. Do I need to include bank statements for evidence? And can I include all of the court bundle. Thanks in advance!
  11. Okay I must apologise for been dumb lol, however I was unable to get the link to work. Can anybody give me a comprhensive list for this court bundle I require? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hmmm I'm a bit confused. when I initially went to court to serve action upon Lloyds TSB I gave the court 3 copies of prelim letter with schedule of charges and there reply letter, letter before action letter with schedule of charges and there reply letter and the N1 claims form along with the revised schedule of charges to include 8%. The courts filed one set, they sent me one set and the other was sent to Lloyds. So do i have to send them all again? And if so who to?
  13. I recieved a letter from the court today stating that the hearing date is to be set for February 6th. I am really nervous now, think i may have to go to court!
  14. Ok then the questionaire was returned on December 4th and I recieved the allocation questionaire from lloyds today as of December the 9th. I was quite surprised to see that they had not ticked the box to allow an extra month for a settlement. I dont know if this is normal routine or what but guess I will just have to wait now.
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