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  1. Hi I have been a bit lax about this but the whole thing is over the 40 days, I have sent the microfiche letter back to them and they have sent me another one stating that microfiche still isn't included in the SAR. I know that I have to send of my LBA but I am slightly nervous about threatening a bank with court action so can somebody please point me in the right direction - a link to the appropriate area on the forum is fine. After that I can start the ball rolling again. Colin
  2. should my estimated prelim be based on the charges calculated in the 13 statements they have sent me already?
  3. I have sent away my letter after the microfiche argument and they have sent me a letter which covers about one month before the 13 statements they sent me originally. Unfortunately this is no use because I have had the account for 3.5 years so I still don't know how much they owe me and I am on day 26 of my SAR. On Friday I got the Abbey's 'sorry you had to complain' time wasting letter. I am not sure where to go from here. Unfortunately nobody has yet been able to help me with the Scotland £750 limit, or even confirm if it is true. Should I reply to the 'complain' response or just wait until I am closer to the 40 day limit?
  4. I have now sent off the microfiche letter which they received today and I also got 13 statements from them. Cause I am in Scotland I am concerned about this £750 pound limit. I know that I have more than £750 to claim back. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?
  5. I have received the microfiche argument as expected. I also had the following section in my letter: 'You have also asked for details of any 'manual interventions' that may have been made on your account and I am sorry that we are unable to help with this request. I can explain that we consider 'manual intervention' to mean an action that is not automatic or computer-driven. Not all manual interventions are recorded, for example if a member of staff looks at a paper document relating to your account, a record is not always required. Similarly some interventions may relate to work carried out by a department rather than individuals where no central record of activity is kept because this is not the kind of information we need, or more importantly, that a customer would usually request,' I this right? Anyway I am going to dig out my microfiche response argument and send if off none the less.
  6. I think the answers you are looking for are here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/4031-abbey-microfiche-argument.html
  7. I am not sure how to go on from here. I will need to read up on it. I know that I am due to claim a few thousand pounds so the 750 quid limit will be a pain. If anyone has any advise it would be much appreciated
  8. The letter has been received by Abbey today, so I will need to wait for my chase time
  9. Thanks for that. I would like to know something else. Is the 40 days 40 working days or just 40 days from when you send the SAR?
  10. I sent my SAR to the Abbey address in Milton Keynes. Is that still OK? I hope it is cause I just sent my letter this morning, then saw the Scotland board on these forums:-o
  11. I have sent my SAR to the address in Milton Keynes and I stay in Scotland. Is that still OK?
  12. Well, thats me sent the letter away. Looking forward to the whole process and hopefully it will end in a good result. One question. The 40 days that they have for the SAR, is that 40 working days? This is just so I know when their time is up.
  13. who should I make the cheque payable to? Sorry if its in the FAQs. I have had a look but I am getting funny stares from the boss
  14. Cheers for that Is that your local branch?
  15. Hi I have just compiled my letter after getting some 'get up & go' from this site. I was just wondering who to send it to. I have my local bank account address but who is it FAO? Looking forward to the challenge Thanks
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