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  1. please read through as much of this site as you can, all the answers are there. read through the 'before you start' area especially. to answer your question, there is a template in library for your second letter
  2. hi again claim was sent on sat recorded first class, so guessing they prob received yest or today. can someone advise how long is the average, and how far the claims get to before shabby pay out? very much looking forward to my cheque from these scoundrels!
  3. ive posted on here before about my managed loan with hsbc and have been thinking for a while about what to do. someone on here has lit a lightbulb for me and would love the advice of anyone, but mainly the legal eagles on here or anyone who can point me in the right direction. i sent a cca to them regarding this loan and received a long credit agreement which i thought looked right. but i found this. there is nothing on any page which says total charge for credit. also... read here: Consumer Credit Act 1974 is this the way out?
  4. hi there- similar situation, but my accounts are open right now. i have claimed £1500 from them in charges, and have a managed loan which i behind on mostly to do wiht their charges. my maternity pay and tax credits go into a different parachute acc, and child benefit was meant to carry on into that account to pay the ML. however yet more charges swallowed the CB and have since put me into arrears which i am refusing to pay also. nothing has been passed to DCA as yet but im sure it will. i have sent a cca and had a reply of about 4 pages, but it is missing 'total charge for credit'. could someone check this link out and see if im right in thinking i have a case? if so, i think denvers agreement will be the same, once they actually send it! Consumer Credit Act 1974
  5. I made a big mistake when insuring my new car. i took quotes from 2 companies, diamond and tesco, but i actually took the insurance from both as a blip. anyway while i was in hospital having a baby someone else was seeing to paperwork for me, didnt notice what i had done, and carried on with direct debits for both. i came home, realised, cancelled the one with diamond, but now have a letter from a DCA demanding payment of around £150 on behalf of diamond. im guessing lots of fees? is this covered by a cca? thanks for any advice you can give me:)
  6. yes thats the stage im at, i will write asking for default removal, thanks
  7. I have 3 accounts with this DCA, for jd williams, simply be, and another company in the same chain (forgotton which one, head boggling!) They have addmitted that there is no CCA for any of the accounts, what is the proccess for default removal? TY:D
  8. I was wondering if anyone could help me, i sent an sar to vodafone, they went over the 40 days so i sent a letter before action from the library here. have since received a statement that i dont understand. these are the terms used, and i wonder if someone can translate what can or cannot be claimed back? Payment DC - debit card? BCG - Gemini - ??? Agent Commission??? This debt went to wescot, which was almost paid off but is now on hold due to this. Any help would be great
  9. she sent a harassment by telephone letter to cc company but they continue to call, what can she do? ty
  10. hi nick, thank you, i did what you suggested today sorry, but whats L&R hands?
  11. claimed from hsbc more than 6 years? im asking for my mum who suffered many charges 7+ years ago. im pretty sure she cant claim?
  12. hi all. i cca'd reliable collections who were working for a simply be and a jd williams account. all cca's defaulted and resulted in a load of mush being sent, and they addmited there was no enforceable debt. im unsure on littlewoods, but i think most of these catalogues are the same. if anyone needs help with the DCA simply be etc use, please pm me hth
  13. ive just noticed a mistake on partners accounts with ge money. his name is matthew, but the account name on letters from ge is mark, the surname is right, does this make any difference? atm we are at stage of trying to get statements
  14. hi there, thanks for the replies, the last of them came yesterday, total to be claimed is £1122, so ive done the list of charges as recommended and the template letter, and they are ready to send recorded delivery today... woohoo!! the account is currently £100 overdrawn due to charges with no income as we moved to another bank, they keep sending letters about this, is there anything we should do? ive tried writing 3 times saying account balance is in dispute, not paying until refund received etc, is there anything else i can say? they are not listening and dont reply to letters, only getting the standard waffle
  15. hi there have been successful with claiming back charges from hsbc, but now onto partners account with abbey. we sent sar, and had a reply followed by 12 months statements, with confirmation that the rest will follow shortly. are most people getting all statements before the 40 days is up at the moment? they still have around 2 weeks for the rest of the statements to come through, claim is at £500 ish so far in the first year. cant wait to start claim!! :D
  16. hiya CL Finance Ltd PO Box 166 Cleckheaton BD19 4WN thats one ive been using for correspondance. offence now been commited
  17. im sorry to be so thick but i dont see which one it is that i should be sending?
  18. i have today received a letter from moorcroft who ran out of time on 24th jan on a cca request. they say they have spoken to client who have confirmed they cannot provide agreement. please can we call to discuss account. could someone point me in the direction of a letter i can send in reply please?
  19. i sent them sar which time limit is expired, they sent me a list of times i have called them, but nothing about bills, statements, charges. should i send them a letter? the remaining debt with them is with wescot:|
  20. ive just finished paying a DCA for debts with next in mine and my partners name, ive just read someone say that next had no credit agreement which im sure is the same in our case, im guessing its too late to do anything about this?
  21. Hiya, we had an account with rbs about 3 years ago, but dont even have the account number. there was about £300 charges on it, but we paid it and closed it. is it still possible to claim?
  22. they are collecting for ge. but ge have not supplied statements under our sar, and will be reported to ico. we cca'd cl, who defaulted on 24th jan, still nothing. we wrote saying account in dispute and they wrote back saying we had to pay anyway. where do i stand? thanks for any help
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