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  1. right little update, cabot sent me a cheque for £3 to cover all my cca requests. telling me that they have asked OC for a copy of agreement urgently. i sent the £3 back to them saying it was paid as the fee for a service for which they have all defaulted on and since commited an offence. no reply as yet, that was over a week ago......................
  2. ive had a managed loan for 5 years with hsbc. half of the total loan was made up from charges. i have reclaimed these charges, but my next gripe with this loan is the fact that they have been adding interest onto the account total from day 1, meaning ive been paying them interest on these charges, if that makes sense? this is probably something i would be pursuing if i wasnt raging angry about the whole managed loan thing in the first place! anyway, had the final demand from hsbc, and not long after a letter telling me that in order to consider my request i need a breakdown of amounts claimed and a total figure. i am planning on using the total figure of the loan, based on not knowing what amount the loan should actually have been, since they wont disclose their actual costs. now, im wondering if i threaten court, would they wipe the loan to avoid being forced to reveal the true cost of being overdrawn, bouncing a cheque etc?? found out today account is now with DCA, so planning on sending them a copy of letter i send to hsbc. any advice on wording, any legalitites and 'posh phrases' i could include? thanks guys, and also, has anyone seen or heard from turnaround???
  3. i sent a cca to them in dec, they replied with an application form, which we stupidly at the time thought was acceptable. we then sent an sar. to which they provided 3 statements in total. (for 2 accounts over a period of 24months) i asked a further 2 times for the rest of the information. they said thats all they had. so off went a complaint to the ICO. in reply still all we got was 'we have sent it all to you' they then sent a demand for money, i sent a letter back saying the balance is in dispute, i cannot arrange a payment plan. have now had a letter saying it appears the £10 was never paid. now i know for a fact it was, and im just about to go searching for some kind of evidence in one of my folders, im really hoping i have something. could you advice me on a reply letter i can send please? sorry that was long and rambly!
  4. hey, thanks for replying, surprise, thats the address i used, good luck, im sure they will have nothing! ill let you know how i get on
  5. i sent them a cca request, to which they sent back an application form with terms and conditions, stupidly i thought this was as it should be and sent for sar. worked out they owed me £100 in charges, they refunded £40 and said they would not refund more. anyway now i have had a default notice, what should my next move be?
  6. i sent these guys a cca request in december, for which there has been no agreement sent, only letters every 6-8 weeks telling me they thank me for my patience and they will write again soon. i am getting statements of the account monthly, saying that mercers dca are in charge of the account, ppl who i have never had any correspondance from. i know they have now commited an offence, and my question is, what should i send them now? can i ask that they stop communicating with me and remove my details from their systems?
  7. hey guys, well just back from holiday and we have a cheque for £3 from cabot to cover cost of my cca's already sent and defaulted. my first thought is to maybe send the cheque back to them, stating that the payment was legititametly made for a cca which has not been replied to, and tell them that this is now an offence and i demand they stop all contact? am i right? i would really appreciate some pointers, thanks so much cabot-ters!!
  8. thank you very much for your advice, i am going to do as you said, going to a caravan on the coast tomorrow so as soon as im back in a week thats what i'll see to first. so glad to have that question off my mind before i go!! thanks again
  9. hi guys i wonder if you lot could give me a pointer please? i have about 4 companies which have failed to supply my cca. all of them were sent the request with the £1 in december. some have just not replied and have ceased action so far, and the others are saying we wont pursue, but are going to leave a default on your record. is this something i can reasonably fight with them? and if so can you point me in the right direction of how to do so please? thanks:-)
  10. i think that only applies if they received your first request. if they use excuse that its a 2nd request it means they got first, meaning first deadline applies, and they are in default. its a win win, for you, not them lol
  11. Has anyone heard from TA? I havnt for a few weeks now, and just a little concerned as we used to message 2-3 times a week. TA has helped me a lot and i just want to know their ok
  12. hey, has anyone won their wasted costs after receiving their charges back?
  13. oh. i was sure a default notice had to be issued. ok, well ty:(
  14. vodafone have told me that i am mistaken in the way i think the default system works. i havea default on my credit file from them, but have not received any default notice, apparantly this is as it should be? they said they sent a letter informing me of the debt and giving me time to rectify it. im sure they did, but not a default notice. are they right?
  15. hiya Im not sure if this post is best suited here or in the banks forum, maybe a mod could move it for me if its best in banks area? i have a managed loan with hsbc, i have already claimed back my charges from them. i have had the loan for 5 years. a lot of the loan was made up frm charges. my problem is, that although the charges were paid back, ive been paying interest on these charges for the duration of the loan. so i dont know exactly what the balance should be, and have told hsbc that until the balance is clear, how can we come to a payment arrangement. now, however, they have demanded full payment of the loan and the overdrawn balance on the account (half of that is another 3 charges taken after the refund). what should i do about the demand? should i again inform them the account balance is in dispute? my last letter said 'tell me what your actual losses were and i can work out what the loan SHOULD have been and therefore the interest, and then what the balance now should be. they sent a letter saying it was being looked into, then a demand letter. will they still be considering my last letter? and do you think i should be brave and say i am willing to take this to court? (i am, if i have a shot). any advice would be so much appreciated, ty
  16. ok, strange! Letter from cabot, asking to pay, of course, and saying they are sending me a cheque for £3 to cover the payments ive made to various places asking for the cca. moorcroft already told me it doesnt exist. cabot have recalled the debt from fire and insist they are correctly registered. they said that they are asking argos for the cca as a matter of urgency.......... what do you cabot experts think?
  17. well. just a little update. got no where with hsbc on this managed loan thing yet, however this was the jist of last letter ' please confirm your ACTUAL costs when sending back DD, SO etc, so that i can work out what my charges SHOULD have been, therefore what the interest on the account should have been.' Letter today 'we are looking into this and will get bk to you' hmmmmmmmmmm;)
  18. in the meantime, do i have the right not to pay, as the balance cannot be agreed?
  19. i would tell them they have mistakenly sent an application in reply to your request for a cca, and remind them their time is ticking. cl have just passed my accounts back to ge as the balance is in dispute. hth
  20. Hi there, im trying to establish the balance of 2 GE money accounts, and sent SAR to GE months ago. in return i got 3 statements, this was for 2 accounts both open for 2 and a half years. so i sent a letter asking for the rest, and when i still didnt get them i sent a complaint to the ICO. they have replied saying they have complied with the SAR because they have sent all they have. but, where does that leave me at the moment with regards to these accounts with balances in dispute? it looks like GE are never going to come up with the statements i need to calculate the unlawful charges, of which i know there is a good few!
  21. hiya, yes i sent the letter in the template section here, and a £1 PO. ok ill leave it for now, ty
  22. OMG im raging, please help, for the sake of my health if nothing else! my BP must be wayyyyyy up. so i sent FIRE a cca request, and they have replied with 'thanks for the payment to your account which shows a willingness to pay, please call to arrange a payment plan' That £1 was for the CCA!!!! please please please give me some advice! im so mad! Thanks guys x
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