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  1. ive tried looking back pages but i cant see it, im sorry if im being thick and causing hassle, but i was wondering if anyone had come up with anything for these managed loans? my situation was same as most, not far off forced into it, and told blatent un-truths to force me to accept the loan. is there anything anybody thinks i could maybe be doing about this? is it possible to put it into dispute IE frozen until something is done? or should be calling CAB to get advise? im sorry this was so long, but my head's completely knitted and im not sure what to do thanks for reading
  2. hey thanks for that, i will see to writing them a letter asking if they will accept £80 to close the account. as we are already using the parachute we are happy for them to close the account. its nothing but hassle anyway grrr thanks for the help
  3. yes, we have actually already started using the new account, as im claiming too and its with hsbc. all we want is this one shut, so i guess its looking for the letter u suggested and then sending off the DPA letter! thanks
  4. thanks, but i mean what can we do to freeze the account until we get through the proccess?
  5. my partner has an account with abbey, and has paid many charges on his account in the past couple of years. we havn't calculated how much yet but we know it will be an amount worth claiming. we moved accounts to another bank as i am claiming charges from hsbc, so we both moved to clydesdale at the same time. my partner had an overdraft of £600, which abbey cancelled, he paid off £520 of that with his wages in 2 weeks, leaving £80. on the 3rd week we went to pay the remaining £80 and close the account, when they told us he cant as there was charges due to be applied, over £100 of them, now he stands at £180 ish overdrawn, which we just cant affrd any more. what do you think we should do about this? we just cant manage these charges, and dont want them to escalate, im really unsure. can anyone help me with some advice please?
  6. has anyone actually asked cccs or cab where we stand about this? ill call them friday when im home if no one has yet?
  7. I'll help in any way i can!! [email protected] if theres anything i can do x
  8. yep i think that sounds like a good idea, then maybe someone with some legal knowledge could look at it for us? i wish i knew more but i dont, and being pregnant has turned head to fudge anyway lol
  9. lmao - what the hell is that about? do u think that its something to do with our claims? it certainly wasnt mentioned this morning though!
  10. thats along the lines of what i was thinking. it looks like the majority of people were not far from forced to take this loan and at a time when they were vulnerable, for whatever reason. does anyone with more knowledge then me (ok, anyone at all. lol) have any idea where we would stand legally? could be get these loans voided on grounds of being forced?
  11. the bank rang me this morning saying i was in arrears on my managed loan. ive not had a problem with ANY payment for the past 3 years at LEAST!! and even then it was only a few days late. anyway i said no im not in arrears and she said oh no, so your not. i'll make sure these calls stop it was the first call and it was non sense, ive never had that before, can anyone shed any light?? how weird is that!!! by the way, at stage two of claim, waiting for responce from prelim
  12. i cant beleive there are so many stories on here like mine. i was told it was my only option and i 'had' to do this, i was 18 years old at the time and the bank manager scared the life out of me, told me lies like it wouldnt affect my credit and would only stop me getting switch etc for 12 months. im now 23, have paid hardly anything as its mostly interest and cant get any other help from them on my account as its red flagged for good now in my opinion. just wish there was something we could do!
  13. i wonder if there's anything that as a large group we would be able to do? working out how much is made up of charges aand the interest is a bit much for me, but id love to do anything possible to get rid of these MLA's!
  14. hi there a1deano, the letters are in the templates part of the site, the first step is to read as much of the site as u can so you know what you are doing, then send a letter to your bank asking for your statements so you can work the total amount you are owed. hth
  15. thanks, can someone help me with the wording when adding new charges to my lba?
  16. omg. well i have sent my prelim letter to hsbc last friday asking for my charges 5 years back. it came to £1,502. there time is up on friday and as yet i have not heard anything. (it IS 14 days, isnt it?) anyways, today i have checked my account which has no overdraft limit, and i am £291.00 overdrawn, all but £40 of this is charges all added on since i sent my letter. I have one card misuse at £10, a total charges, and 2 returned standing order fee's. normally they wouldnt charge as much as this is one go on my account, do you think they are being so nasty because they have recieved my claim? another thing i wanted to ask, was do i simply add these charges onto my claim when i send them my LBA? I have oppened my parachute account, but am moving all income and DD's to the other anyway as im so angry and upset with HSBC. Im sorry this is so long, thanks for taking the time to read it though, i really felt awful when i checked my account and felt i needed some help. thanks again, helen
  17. sorry i have no advice im normally the one asking advice, but just wanted to say keep strong, i think i know your story from bounty and i think something major needs to be done about HSBC i really do!! keep going
  18. i in no way wish others to be in distress, but omg am i peased i am not the only one with this hanging over my head!! i was forced at 18 years old to take out a ML to pay off in full my credit card and overdraft. my CC was about £800 i think and overdraft around £1,800. i took the loan thinking they were helping me and it was my only way of getting rid of that debt. i am now 23 and paying £46 a month which i can ill afford, and £22 a month is being taken in interest. i dont know how much of the loan was covering charges and i had no idea there was anything i might be able to do about it. ive since moved all income barr the £46 loan money to another bank and all SO's and DD's have been moved to another account. i am purely using HSBC account to pay the ML so i am willing and able to do anything i am advised to bring them down, i cant begin to explain the anger i feel at them doing this to so many people who thought it was their only way out. HSBC the listening bank, my arse!! any advice for me personally? i have sent prelim letter asking for charges of £1,502 and awaiting a reply.
  19. im sorry for bumping my own post but just wondered if anyone knew the answer to adding this 'new' £30 charge onto my claim? i sent prelim about a week ago. thanks x
  20. good luck and welcome to the site! ive not been here long, sent my prelim letter a few days ago. cant wait to be rid of hsbc!!
  21. quick question, since posting my letter i have been charged £30 today for them returing a dd for council tax. how do i go about adding that £30 onto my claim now its been sent? we are in the process of moving to a new bank so shouldnt happen too many more times... i wouldnt think lol
  22. well thats my letter and spreadsheet sent off today first class recorded delivery!! so they should get that monday and hope to hear soon. do we give them 14 days to reply at this stage? then its onto letter before action? i hope i have that right. hope everyones getting on well hope to have good news soon!!
  23. help! i cant find the template spreadsheet to put all my charges on? i have them all worked out but im not sure what to do with the numbers. shall i just make a spreadsheet with columns for date, penalty type and amount? then its all ready to post... yay!!
  24. Hi all! Thanks for this brilliant site, without it i wouldnt even be considering going down this route with the bank. Im just about ready to send of my first letter, just need to double check some charges with online banking, but im at £1,300 so far. I do have one big question though. I had to take out a loan with HSBC as i had gone over £1,000 overdrawn, but as they had added so many charges it got even more out of hand and in the end i borrowed about £2,000 for this. Do you recommend i ask for some of this loan back also? Obvioulsy im now paying monthly interest on this loan that wouldnt be as large if not for these charges. I want to ask this before i do anything as i dont want to mess it all up. Thanks for your help guys, wish me luck!!! Helen x
  25. hi there, thanks so much for such a speedy response! ive been trying for coming up 2 hours to load some of teh pages like the step by step guide and all i get is cant find server, this computer is a nightmare! will get another if im successful with this, lol anyway thanks for the reply, ill do just what you said, its great to know theres ppl here for help support and advice, fab site altogether! thanks again, helen
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