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  1. Baileyboy - i understand what your saying, and i didnt mean my only reason for pursuing this was to stop paying money i legitimitly owe, but as the others have said, im getting constantly hounded with letters as soon as a payment is a day late, telling me they are adding charges etc. i just cant afford to pay these and at the moment pay every penny we have that we can affford goes to these companies and their charges. we pay £130pm and due to some of these charges our debt is not reduced by even £100 a month. this is what i feel needs to be fought. the managed loan is another story. i was forced into that and told lies by the bank, which i need to know somehow how to follow this up, and im starting with the cca letter as advised here, and was advised by cab to get a copy of it to see what was actually signed 5 years ago when i took it out. i am not trying to get out of debts, purely trying to get back in control of who im paying, how much, and get stress free leading to debt free
  2. im sorry its me again lol about a week ago i went to the cit advice bureau to ask some advice on the validity of my managed loan with hsbc. they had no idea what to say to me about it lol they said all they could do while it was looked into was write to the bank asking them for a copy of the agreement signed by myself. what i wanted to know, is this the same thing as i will be requesting for the £1 fee and the letter i am planning to send on monday? if so, do i carry on and send it or do i want to see what happens with the CAB?
  3. lol i like that one, especially the part about it costing them to process it serves them right for being greedy in the first place!! haha
  4. Haircut - in theory i think thats a great idea and fab advice, however i can imagine oh too well gettng a reply to the effect of, thanks for that payment, you still owe £45 and the account wont be closed. that would make me too angry lol. Since sending my complaint through email (which i have saved) i have as yet had no reply. i could send it in the mail too if you think that is the right thing to do? we are waiting now for the bank statements to come through, there are about 35 days left there, lol if they should send yet another letter asking for payment do i simply send another letter advisng them he wont be paying as account is in dispute?
  5. and i forgot to ask, this applies to debts currently being paid under a debt management plan monthly with payplan?
  6. i have read this entire thread and found it truely amazing that more people dont seem to be making it harder for these companies to get money out of them. until now i have been thudding along doing as best as i can and paying everything possible to these companies, including there interest and charges at sometimes around £30 a time! im shocked. is the bottom line that we can write to them after the 12 working days, plus the further 30 days are up, saying that we relinquish the debt and dont need to pay anymore?
  7. im sure there must be some kind of law or guideline about this, im sure that if they take more then a certain amount of time, we can file a decent case against them with the ombudsman? im sorry but i have forgotton, is ur complaint regarding a loan with them? because should we file with the ombudsman does that mean we dont pay the loan while the complaint is looked into?
  8. lmao!! i dont know why they are thanking me for complaining lol i bet thats not what they are genuinly thinking, haha!! how long do they have to deal with the complaint do you think? or is there no limit to the time they can take? knowing what they are like right now with so many complaints we are going to be sat here for a good many years waiting!
  9. i dont own my own home, so im ok from that point of view. my partner works full time but on a low wage so we dont have that much really. the £130 pm is to send payment to all creditors, and even at that some are ok with it others arent. to name a few its barclaycard, halifax CC, capital one, reliable collections, ge capital, argos which is now moorcroft. and of course hsbc managed loan.ill get the letters sent off and deffo keep in touch on here and see what happens. even if it cancelled one debt it would be amazing!! the way they think they can talk to you makes me sick!!!
  10. hi there payingonlyencouragesthem - by the way i love your name lol certainly made me smile!! thats amazing you have got your debt so far down!! we have nearly 6k plus a managed loan with hsbc of 2k. About the loan to hsbc - i feel i was forced into it under duress, is there a method of disputing its legitimissy, im sorry i am useless at spelling lol. i have claimed back my bank charges, accepted £80 less then i was claiming as its coming up to xmas and my baby being due, so im waiting for my £1255 cheque - woohoo!!
  11. omg im pretty sure thats illegal and they can be reported for harrassment. maybe someone with more knowledge then me will be able to help you, but i definatly i think thats right that its illegal. something else i picked up from this site was someone said they replied back with 'i am recording this call' and calls stopped very quickly - lol
  12. omfg lol jayne!!! maybe they should consider spending that money on hiring more staff to get there jobs done at a better rate!! hope u like the flowers though lol. any response babs to your complaint yet? ive just had standard email saying thats for getting in touch
  13. hi there ecobabe, thanks a lot for your help, i will take your advice and post back as soon as its done, maybe you could keep me right that im going about things correctly, do i post these requests to debt collectors also, like moorcroft and wescot? i really appreciate the help, ty
  14. Hi all I'm sorry for being so dramatic and depressing but I had to air this somewhere and a site so full of people who are knowledgable and helpful just seemed ideal. My partner and I are in around £5k of debt plus a managed loan in my name only which I am hoping to dispute. We are on a debt management plan with payplan, and are paying £130 pm to cover all debts, as we are on a small income, partner works but i am on maternity leave with one child and one on the way. The thing that is getting me down is the way we are treated by all these debt collection companaies, I am dying to get shot of them, and i guess my question is this, is there anyway of paying less then the total balance? Settlement figures that they must adhere to, basically anything you can advise at all i would be grateful of. Thanks for reading
  15. hiya, thanks for the advice, what is the best way to file that kind of complaint? ive won my charges back already
  16. really? ombudsman? ive filed complaint at bank, see what they say i guess? i vote all do it on same day, most impact!!
  17. hi there all, i am very grateful for the replies, its amazing knowing theres ppl out there i can talk to and get proper advice from. i wrote again to abbey saying i was dissapointed that the letter meant nothing, and that considering this i was taking them for all the charges that have been applied, and i wanted statements within 40 days due to DPA. if approached again for repayment of overdraft standing at £90 at the moment, i will inform them account is in dispute so no further action can be taken. do you think this is ok? again, thanks for taking the time to read this
  18. oh wow so im certainly not on my own with this then!! id love to know how they deal with your complaint Babs, let us know, wont you? im raging about this and being pregnant thats hardly good for me, so im even more annoyed ironically lol. ive had an email sayng that they are looking into my complaint and will let me know the outcome, feel like saying too fricken right you will let me know asap, i want compo!! haha
  19. I hope no one minds me posting this here, but i wanted to see if anyone else had anything like this happen to them. ive had some weird calls from the bank saying im behind on my managed loan account when im not in arrears at all. Then, i got a letter to the same effect with a booklet about sorting out finances, and asking me to pay up the hundred pounds im 'owing'. so ive sent an official complaint to them about it, as they said that they will share this info with credit agancies!! im so ****ed off, anyone had a similar experiance?
  20. thats so weird - just had a letter frm the same mr colin langdale offering me a refund!!
  21. Basically i am dealing with this account for my hubby, hes working long hours right now with xmas coming up and im on maternity leave so i have more time to sort things. he was overdrawn, made worse by charges, so i wrote a letter to them on his behalf saying if they cut off the charges he would pay the balance and shut the account, without fighting for the whole amount of charges. they accepted, sent a letter saying this, and when we went into the bank to pay up and close the account they said he owes doubl what the letter said, and refused to close the account, also saying that he needed to return the cheque book, which he doesnt have anymore, GGGRRRRR:-x so now im at a loss, even a letter from themselves wasnt good enough to close the account and i dont know what to do now, im so angry i could cry!! if anyone can help me i would be so grateful, i really would. thanks for reading
  22. Ive not been posting recently due to some pregnanacy complications, but i thought i would let you know that HSBC replied to my prelim letter asking for £1,400 with an offer of £1,255. As the amount is so close, its coming up to chrsitmas, and a baby on the way, i have decided to accept the offer, and am sending away my acceptance by recorded delivery in the morning. I cant beleive it was as simple as one letter, im even half waiting for them to retract the offer lol. thanks for the help and guidence you have given me until now, and i wish you all the best with your claims. I am still going to try disputing my managed loan, so if anyone has any news or ideas on what to do about these devil accounts please count me in!! ;-)
  23. just bumping for ideas. im brain dead right now :o
  24. does anyone yet know if theres any get out clause for these wretched things? ive not yet spoken to CAB but i intened to at the first available chance of peace and quiet - 3 yr old daughter and im 8 months pregnant, hubby works full time, need i say more lol. do you think we can put accounts like these in dispute while trying to figure out what can be done? im sure that being made to sign under duress is something that is not legal? and surely should make contract void, as said by another poster earlier?
  25. yes thats the one i meant - lol. ty. i dont know how to do searches, i couldnt find anywhere to do one, maybe its too late at night for me i need my bed lol. ty for helping
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