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  1. this offer came after just my prelim letter! i am pregnant and had a health scare which meant they got 4 weeks instead of 2 to respond to me, and that was their response. i said id accept as long as it was a cheque and the £100 was reversed with immediate effect. those were my words, and sent bk the letter they sent me along with my own letter (i still have one of theirs they sent 2). stupid bank!!
  2. lol, thanks other thing i need some help with, is that account was at £2C, then another charge of £100 taken, so £98D. Child benefit went in, so £28D, refund went in, do £1200C, spent £100, so £1100C, then refund taken away, leaving me ovrdrawn with no overdraft. where do i stand with this now? its their fault
  3. lmao - i think i would cash it just to see lol but im a nosey muppet. im glad you told me that, i was really freaking out about it thinking id lost after all that!! i cant wait to see if they can comply with the cca request!
  4. wow this stuff is complicated! anyone have experiamce of hsbc and cca requests?
  5. that number is just the normal call center telephone banking number, was told to ring credit services in the morning. omg at the rubbish they fed you! did you keep both refunds? lol
  6. i tried the normal 08457404404 number, did you get your cheque? thanks for replying, thought i was the only one this ever happened to lol
  7. nope, loan stands at same amount. its just totally gone!
  8. i got an offer from hsbc for £1255 out of £1400, which i accepted, but said it must be as a cheque or i would carry on with my case. Well yesterday the whole amount went into my bank account. Today they took it all back. all that happened in the meantime was a cca request sent yest for my managed loan with them. im now £130overdrawn as i had taken that amount out already. please help, what next??
  9. im sending a cca request to all creditors, and 2 accounts are with the same company, can i put this under one letter and pay the £1 once, or do i need to send seperate requests?
  10. thanks for that, haircut. we sent them the letter, and now waiting for a reply. they are not getting a penny until we have an agreement acceptable to us both!
  11. hi all ive today sent me cca letter and £1 PO to hsbc regarding a managed loan account, and ive sent it recorded, so no getting out of it. ive just been successful with my bank charges claim against them, and wondered if anyone has yet sent them a CCA? loan was taken out 5 years ago, can anyone guess the likely hood they will have what im asking for? FINGERS CROSSED they dont!!
  12. ive read a thread about debt being unenforceable is a cca request is not complied with, is that an option worth considering?
  13. just wondered how i would go about appealing a parking ticket and what would happen as a result?
  14. i know nothng about which ones are likely to have it and which ones not, as i have only known about this law for 24 hours all i can do is send my letters and get my fingers crossed till i get some replies! if i post recorded 1st class monday morning, they have until 2 weeks thursday, am i right?
  15. as jayne said, or 'customer service' dept? personally i would send it recorded delivery to every office in the uk hehe
  16. yes, a lot of the loan is their charges, however i have won my case against them and got my charges back. obviously i am still paying £21 a month in pure interest, have a black spot on my credit file which i dont beleive i would have had from them otherwise, and they keep calling and sending me letters saying i am behind on payments, when i am not, they take the payment by DD every month and have done for 5 years!!
  17. noomill060 do u have any knowledge on disputing a loan on grounds of duress? its something i am 100% sure i was forced into it, and i was even told untruths to get me to sign the form. maybe i need legal advise? first of all im going to write my cca letter see what comes of that
  18. i take it paying the debt in small amounts monthly before even sending the cca doesnt count as acknowledging the debt when it comes to having it written off after the cca? i hope that makes sense, im really tired lol
  19. i think u must be right. are you no longer paying this debt now?
  20. definatly, rather then feeling like ur gulible and walked over with no power as u do up until now! this site's amazing
  21. PJ - i think u hit the nail on the head there. im personally sick of the whole system being a one way street in their direction!
  22. hi there priorityone, thanks for taking the time to reply, i feel so much better that we are not the only ones going through this. my main worry really is debt collectors coming to the door that would scare me sooo much. we dont own our home, we have a car but only an L reg ford escort so nothing fancy. ill deffo keep this thread updated when i get any kind of response to my letters
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