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  1. so the one who buys them starts pursuing the money?
  2. so what does that mean to the debtor? again, im sorry lol
  3. if a debt being written off doesnt absolve the debtor from responsibility, what does the debt 'being written off' actually mean? im sorry, only trying to learn, not try your patience - lol
  4. thats what i was wondering - surely 'bouncing back' could just do same again though?
  5. wow, so is the debt wiped? we have an 800 pound 'debt' with moorcroft and their 14day deadline is dec 28th. we are awaiting the reply from them still.
  6. im sorry, but what is difference between a debt buyer n a dca?
  7. cool, thanks tiggs. wish it wasnt so long to wait lol im dying to get a move on with this, its been a big thing on my mind for years now and id love to tell them where to stick it!!
  8. as ive sent my cca request off is it my best bet to wait and see if they have the required paperwork before deciding what to do? if it comes to it im willing for mine to go to a dca also
  9. could you maybe offer them whatever you can afford and send them a statement of your incomings and outgoings?
  10. im awaiting the cca reply from hsbc, 12 working days from receipt is dec 28th. where do i stand if and when they fail to reply? or they fail to reply the way they are meant to?
  11. i would ignore it if i was you, as turnaround said its unenforcable anyway
  12. i was told once u have to keep acct open to repay loan, is that true do u think?
  13. hiya, i bought a car from my friend in october. its a ford escort L reg. it was mot'd in march 06 and passed only needing a new exhaust. now in november the boot lock started sticking and with a new baby coming im gonna have a big buggy so i need the boot. took it to a garage and also asked them to look at water tank as its been taking pints and pints of water a day. they called me and told me there is £1200 of repairs needing done, includng radiator being completely bust, cracked pas belt, and some other things that without the report i cant remember. they said it shouldnt really be driven. what i would like some advice on, is if its likely that this all has happened since the end of march, or was the mot something dodgy?
  14. does anyone know what would happen regarding a managed loan if they chose to close your account?
  15. im sorry i dont know any of it for sure, but for a cca letter i know that they have 12 days from reciept to comply before they defualt. then 30 days before debt is unenforceable. is it the cca you sent? i am 99.99999%sure that its been said somewhere before that a photocopy of your application is not complying, but wait till someone else confirms. im sorry i dont know for def, lot of good i am, i know lol
  16. im nervous.... awaiting all cca replies, due by 28th dec and they will be in default. im right in not counting xmas day and boxing day as part of their 12 working days?
  17. im pretty sure thats not complying with a cca request.
  18. do many companies take you to court when you stop paying due to cca non compliance?
  19. hi there i was wondering if anyone could check this for me and let me know if theres anything they think i could add, change or delete before posting to hsbc in the morning. HSBC Bank plc Service Quality Team Arlington Business Centre Millshaw Park Lane Leeds LS11 OPP Dear HSBC *************** ( account number) I am writing further to your letter dated 1st December as a response to my complaint. I am disappointed that there is a need to write to you again, but I am afraid the response you sent me was no where near acceptable for me to consider my complaint dealt with. You advised me that guidelines laid down by the Office of Fair Trading allows banks to telephone customers between 8am and 9pm on any day of the week. I am not disputing the fact that you are legally allowed to contact me, I am making a complaint about being called about something which is not true. Ie: Being late on a loan payment, in fact I was told 2 months is arrears. I find this completely unacceptable. Quote: 'Sometimes the information we have to convey is not always welcomed by the recipient...' This may be the case, but you didn't HAVE to convey the information as it was inaccurate and insulting. The content of your reply is, to be frank, useless. You have not addressed the fact that you have called and written to me with completely false information. Only told me that you are allowed to call, that sometimes people don't like what you have to say (which I didn't as it was untrue), and told me when my next loan payment would be due. This will be my last attempt to rectify the situation with yourselves directly before taking the matter to the Financial Ombudsman. Yours Sincerely they have been calling and sending letters (not received any now for a week) saying i am in arears on my loan which i am NOT. this is my reply to their pointless reply. thanks
  20. lol no worries, thanks for that!! spoke to the number i had this morning and a cheque has been sent today apparantly, lets see lol
  21. soli - i feel the same, im on this site most evenings, sometimes for hours at a time trying to get my head round things and make sure im doing things right. the people here are amazing with advice!!
  22. thanks dani ok, will tell them that, whats your advice regarding the overdraft they forced me into, and a managed loan payment coming out SO on 19th?
  23. ok, will do that first thing, do you think i should say i am giving them say 7 days to get a cheque to me?
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