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  1. im sorry for the odd post, but one of our debts was with moorcroft, we sent a cca request to them, and as yet no reply, but deadline is dec 28th. anyway today we received a letter from cabot, saying they now owned the debt. so my partner rang them (his debt) and was told theh debt isnt with them, its with moorcroft still. ummm hello? then why the letter saying its been sent to cabot? im so confused, i dont want another letter in a few days threatening action due to him not getting in contact! anyone had expericance of this?:-?
  2. funnily enough one of our accounts has just been bought by cabot... its £664, does that mean they bought the debt for around £70?
  3. We are at the moment on a DMP, so paying less to all right now since husband had to take a drastic cut in hours. Ge Capital - They have the agreement signed although its an application form, its signed by both parties and includes the terms. So, today i sent away an SAR including £10 to cover the both accounts. My plan with them is to get charges refunded, then settle the accounts minus the charges. Reply was recieved from Reliable Collections today which i could do with some advice on if you have the time? ''We thank you for your recent letter, the contents of which we note. In relation to your request for a copy of the executed agreement under section 78 of the CCA, i would refer you to regulation 3 (2)(b) of the consumer credit (cancelation notices and copies of documents) regulations 1983. in it you will see that there is no requirement to provide a photocopy of the agreement bearing your signature; it is sufficient that we supply details of the t&c to which you have agreed. we are therefore enclosing a copy of the type of agreement sent to you when you opened ur account in august 2004. we are familiar with the consumer credit act and are therefore well aware that the debt is legally unenforceable if an exectued agreement cannot be provided. this does not, however, alter the fact that this is an unpaid debt and will therefore be recorded as a default on our files and those of credit referemce agancies. if you choose not to make any further payments on this account, we feel it is our obligation to ensure that you fully understand the implications of such a decision. the debt will be recorded as a default for £x and will be for 6 yrs. no further applications for credit will be accepted by the jd williams group of companies.'' they then said they would look at reduced amounts either of monthly amounts or a settlement figure. they will hold account for 28 days until i have decided. what do you think? is it all waffle? they replied in time for the deadline which expires 28th dec. sorry its so long!
  4. Thanks Turnaround, i just decided i should have my own thread lol as im getting muddled up :o I am sending off a SAR to GE Capital today for the both accounts with the statutory £10 fee to see if there are any charges we can claim back on the accounts, once we settle that we are planning on making an offer to clear the outstanding balance, either in full or by settlement figure depending how much is left. Id just like the clarify that payments still need to be made during this, the account is not on 'hold', is it?
  5. Thank you Adi - ill get my statements then check back make sure im claiming the right things. totally unsure what compounding interest is, ill need to do some more reading as it's not quite same as the banks. While claiming back the charges, are the accounts classed as 'in dispute' or do you need to carry on normal payments?
  6. Hi all Ive just been successful with claiming back charges on my bank account with hsbc and it has given me the motivation to go after anything else i am entitled to. I'd just like to ask though exactly what charges is it that we are able to claim back on store cards and credit cards? is there any certain charges that dont qualify? i have catalogue accounts, credit cards with halifax and baclays and capital one, and store cards under GE Capital. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you
  7. moorcroft owe me a cca reply too, but they have until the 28th dec to provide it. i hope to be following in your footsteps soon, the way they treat people is disgusting! you owe some money, your not something on the bottom of their shoe
  8. thanks for the help, joncris, that me on a mission. just wish the hospital im due to give birth in during early january had the internet LOL
  9. sorry i didnt mean to ignore you, den, but i have no idea :o
  10. im so angry with wescot now, i had tried to put them behind me but im raging angry now and im hoping that someone can tell me some good news about my settlement figure issue, id love to win something against them, even making them give me back a tenner!!
  11. Lees - same here, deadline till they default is 28th, so im witholding payments from then, and taking it as far as i need to. Lisa - OMG!! i cant believe the things they make ppl think is all them 'helping'!! hope u get some success! def look into cca!
  12. lol ok. definatly makes sense. im prepared for the pressure i feel able knowing about this group. new yr new start ty
  13. wow 18k, and i bet most of that is interest and charges!! cca is something well talked about in the debt and bailiffs section of this site, its basically asking for the original copy of the agreement. if they cannot provide that within 12 working days, +2 days for postage, then thy are in default. another 30days and they have commited an offence. that means to enforce the debt they MUST go through the court and firstly explain why they commited the offence in the first place. im dying to see what comes of this with hsbc they have acted so scummy
  14. i really really wish i had known about this part of the site at the time it happened, i was claiming back charges from hsbc but i put all my time and energy into those forums and didnt even realise there was a debt area! unfortunatly the debt was £600ish to start, we agreed on around £300 and since this happened i have paid the rest in full. about £200 over the settlement figure, as some of the debt was already paid by the time it was agreed. Am i too late, or should i send any kind of letter demanding payment back?
  15. there was nothing else signed, the card and the terms just came through the post a few days later. does this put it into a diff category?
  16. right. that sounds like it makes sense. just to clarify though, would i wait until cca was complied with or until they were in default on dec 28th? if i can withhold payments due to them being in default then i can use that money to send SAR's.
  17. hi all just wanted to see if anyone was going through what i am right now, i have a managed loan for 2.5k, and have sent off a cca to hsbc, the loan was taken out in 2002.*i think* they have until dec 28th to comply with the request before they default. anyone else doing this?
  18. I thought I would make my own thread here as I tend to be asking a lot of questions and dont want to be gatecrashing on other threads. So far I have my bank charges back from HSBC, and that has wonderfully paid off all rent arrears, and got us back on track with other things including giving our 4yr old a nice xmas. I need to now send a letter to the bank asking for the £125 charged since then, but thats for another thread. Right now we have 14 credit accounts, about 5 with DCA's, total debt amounting to around £5.5k. We have sent CCA's to all creditors and are awaiting replies. GE Capital have replied so far with a photocopy of the application filled out in the store, nothing more. Any advice, or anything would be more then appreciated
  19. i dont want to gatecrash someone else's thread but wanted to just ask one question about wescot. i had a debt with them and accepted a settlement figure. i made payment in 3 parts over the agreed month, as accepted at the tme by the man i spoke to. when making the final of the 3 i was told this wouldnt class as debt paid as it should have been in a lump sum. so ive had to carry on, make a new payment plan and pay the rest of the debt off. is it too late to do anything about this?
  20. thanks all for your replies, JonCris, would i be asking for SAR with view of making a claim for charges to be paid back to me? i thought about this as it would reduce the amount of the debt owed, i just wish it wasn't £10 per request or i could get it sorted faster. i could see to one or 2 of them at a time? also another question, would i wait until a reply from the cca request was received? or just carry on and ask for SAR?
  21. we have around 12 creditors, and about 4 of these are dca's. the reason we ended up like this was my husband had to cut his working hours down from 65-45pw, the loss of money meaning we struggled to keep up with payments, and in most cases defaulted. some companies were happy to accept lower payments as proposed by payplan, others defaulted us and sent account to a dca. one example of this is an argos account which is now with moorcroft. argos sent us a default notice, then next we heard was a letter from moorcroft saying that they now had the account and to call them with payment or payment propsals. payplan are now paying them a certain amount per month and all is running not too bad, however at every contact they ask for more money, which i can understand, but money is too tight and we now have our 2nd child on the way. (unplanned, wouldnt have planned this when money so tight). anyway im looking really for settlement figures from some of the creditors to clear the debts quicker, using my husbands holiday pay which he wants to take instead of the actual holiday, and if these debts are not properly documented etc im wondering if we have a strong case in asking for a lower settlement figure, as they have possibly commited an offence? all this i have just gathered from reading other posts, so i may well be wrong and would be grateful if anyone more knowledgeable then me, well, anyone - lol - would make sure that i know what im talking about before i decide on what action to take. im sorry its so long and i hope thats the info you were meaning
  22. with the debts i have with dca's, the company in question sent me defaults, then i recieved letters from dca saying you owe us £x on an account with 'whoever'. there was no letter from company telling me who the debt was sold to, and there was no default notice sent to me from the dca. is this normal, or are they in the wrong with this?
  23. hi there, i am new to all this and know very little about what should be done, im always asking advice on here and rely on these people for re assurance a lot. anyway i just wanted to say that i have read this whole thread and think that the change in the way Heavenly is obviously thinking about things and dealing with things is so different from the beginning of the post, and i admire the perseverance, especially with young children. keep at it, give them what they deserve!
  24. thanks payingonlyencourages them, we are seeing if hubby can get holiday pay put through or something as we dont have spare money.... any tips on agreeing settlement figures? thats if they do them anyway
  25. Hi there I sent of cca requests to ge capital, and today they replied in plenty of time, with photocopies of the application form that was filled out in the store (burton and dorothy perkins) from what ive read here i dont think this is acceptable, but could someone confirm for me, and let me know the best thing to do next? thanks for reading
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