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  1. they said they have now complied, which now means they can continue to pursue for payment. in one way it made me pee myself laughing at the length of time it took them to provide the agreement lol... on the other hand i was so angry they didnt apologise or anything, like they have done nothing wrong - they are DC's... what was a really expecting
  2. The prescribed terms specified in Sch 6 are as follows: * amount of credit – see Q8. --- no * credit limit – see Q8.5 ---no * repayments – see Q8.9. ---no * rate of interest – see Q8.6 ---no there we go lol .... that little box basicaly goes over right to cancel, saying u have read the T&C, how we use your information, and your right to see the information held.
  3. wow you know your stuff with HSBC then!!! ill definately let you know if and when i hear anything back. maybe i should include in letter that a copy has been saved of all lettrs etc to be sent to FOS if they dont reply properly?
  4. ok thats great, thank you. ill write a letter of complaint and send into head office of HSBC? oh, should i continue the £1 payments? i cant beleive they get away with just not replying to letters!! im sure if we ignored letters from them it wouldnt be accepted!!
  5. brilliant, thanks so much for that - is there maybe a letter in library do you know that might help with my reply to them? or just basically let them know the above?
  6. sorry i feel like a right pain in the ass - but i dont have a lead for my camera to put pics onto the computer, something i have been meaning to deal with for a while but not got round to it... apologies
  7. hi scarlet, thanks for the reply - i have written to MCS disputing the amount and they said they wont stop action.... should i ignore this and tell them they must? what hapened in the end with HSBC... did they answer your dispute?
  8. hey thanks for the replies - i dont have a scanner, but i can give u details of everything on it? personal details - name, sex, DOB, nationality, password. anual income. phone number previous address, time at present address. bank account number and sort code. small box at bottom - it DOES say Credit agreement regulated by the CCA 1974, but only 4 lines of legal stuff then a signature. no signature from the company. there is an authorised signature box, but its empty. thats it :s
  9. Urgh, i seem to be having a nightmare with these guys. They are collecting for a managed loan with HSBC Bank. i am disputing the amount - as the loan was for £3000 and i have paid £2,982. they claim i owe £2,600. thats with no charges for moving the account to DC or anything. £1000 of that was charges, which i have since had returned.... but i am disputing it on the grounds that had those charges not been applied, the interst on the loan would have been much lower over the 5 yrs since i took it out. I have written to the DC on 3 seperate occasions with the whole situation, payments made etc. Each time they said they would pass onto HSBC for them to deal with. in the meantime im paying £1pm until its sorted. This has been going on since JUNE this year. Anyway the last time i spoke to them, last week, they said HSBC have only said to them to carry on collections, and no one is planning on answering me. I was hoping that maybe someone on here could advise me the best thing to do? I thought send a copy of my letter and a letter of complaint to HSBC maybe copied to the DC? is there maybe a higher up person i could address it to or anything? Any help GREATLY appretiated, feel like im banging my head against a brick wall!!!!
  10. Hi there i wondered if someone would mind helping me? a year ago i came on this site at least once a day and cant even come close to putting a value on the help received. In December 2006 i sent a CCA request to Cabot with regards to a store card. no reply. Until the post came YESTERDAY with a photocopy of an application form. I need to double check actual dates, but their deadline ran out mid January, LAST YEAR. Could anyone advise me of the next thing to do please? Sooooo confused!!! Thank you
  11. hiya, just need a hand with some wording of a letter if ok? its to reliable collections, who havnt provided a credit agreement since being asked in dec. they have admitted there is none and its unenforceable, but are saying they can keep my data, and now have had a letter telling me the debts being sold. i know thy are in the wrong, but could someone help me sound a bit more professional than 'dear RC, **** off' thanks!!
  12. LOL ok ty guys, ill leave it for now
  13. hiya all. i was wondering if someone could help me out with a reply i need to send to cabot? I sent a CCA to Barclaycard in December and have as yet not received a credit agreement. obviously i know this has long since created a default for them and since an offence, but nevertheless they have this month sent the account to cabot. So, i sent a CCA with £1 to cabot over a week ago, and as a reply i have been sent a letter saying as they are not the creditor, they do not need to comply with a cca, but they have asked teh OC for a copy which might take some time as it may be archived. i know from previous help on this wonderful site that they are fobbing me off and they DO have to comply, but could someone please help me with the wording of the reply to send? my mind went blank after 'yes you do, time limits still apply'. lol any help much appretiated, thank you!!!!
  14. clydesdale do a readycash account, no credit checks, direct debits and standing orders are accepted, and you get a maestro card managed loans - omg. stay away at all costs!!
  15. With regards to GE.... emailed lewis debt collectors, told them the situation, they offered a settlement. i said no coz i dont know the balance on the account, its been sent back to GE. hmmm.
  16. well the thing is, ive had my charges back on my bank account. BUT about a third of the loan was made up of charge,s which although they have been refunded, the interest on them aka the loan, hasnt. that is what im tryng to get back. just in a mess about how to go aboutit
  17. ok, when the agreement cmes back, what should my next step be, do you think? hsbc sent the agreement when i requested it in december. the reason ive not been paying is that my dispute now lies with the amount owing, charges and interest.
  18. thank you very much, im starting to calm down a little - lol. do you know if an application form signed in the store (store cards for burtons and DP) count as complying with the cca request?
  19. ok just noticed this too. solicitors letter about the ge account states i should call the clients agents, who is a dca called lewis debt recovery..... ok never heard of them, and never had any correspondance from them, at all. huh???
  20. do u think i should explain this on the phone in the morning with the FOS, see what they make of it?
  21. ty paul, they sent me an application form as reply to the cca. i then stupidly sent an sar, to which they have only sent 3 statements, so dont know what charges to claim back
  22. ok so now its gone to metropolitan DCA who have been CCA'd, that will buy me more time to figure out what on earth im going to do
  23. I sent a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) to GE money months ago for statements. i got back 2 statements for 2 accounts for a period of over 18months, they said thats all they had. i complained to the Information Commissioners Office, and wtote to GE saying there was no way of confirming balance, so please consider closing the account. reply has been sent saying there was 2 charges on each account both of which they have refunded. no statements to prove this, only what they say..... do i accept this? ok had a letter from solicitors today of their intended court action. what do i do?:o
  24. hiya i really hope someone can help me ive gotton all worked up about this its driving me nuts, this is the first place ive come for some help before i completely blow up!! so ive posted before that i have this managed loan. letter came last week from metropolitan DCA. i replied with cca and £1PO. today i have had another letter (think they crossed in post judging by date of postmark) they have conducted enquires and know i still live here, and know that my number is ex directory. (omg i feel violated.... exageration maybe i just got a shock but jeezo!) anyway ive worked this out.... Total Loan was for £3,500. Total Paid... £2,620, amount outstanding that they claim...... £2,500 do you think theres anything i can do about this? ive not spoken to them on the phone, although thank god they are shut now, i nearly rang and screamed at them but decided not to!! Some of the loan was made from charges which i have had back, however, ive been paying interest on the charges since the loan was taken out. after what ive paid, £880 should be outstanding... roughly the amount of interest charged on charges for past 5 years of the debt maybe??? anyway sorry for waffling but please please if you can help me id be forever in your debt. (sorry, no pun there intended)
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