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  1. I have given the chief exec 20 days to respond. Received a letter this morning from him saying he is investigating the matter.
  2. LA will not want this to go to ICO, they have been slapped twice already and have made undertakings in the past. I have written to the chief executive and have explained he has 20 days to respond before I forward the matter and his response to the ICO.
  3. A repayment proposal for rent arrears was made over the phone in the 1st week of June. I received a call from a friend a week later, saying that a letter addressed to myself was found in correspondence at his relatives address. Both letters were sent from the same office, however two separate addressed letters (including mine) we sent to one premises (my friends relative). Of course alarm bells rang immediately after picking up letter, as personal details and banking mandate details were included.
  4. Local Authority has sent personal and banking mandate details to 3rd party without my consent. I approached the local office when the breach was discovered and received an apology from the manager. I have subsequently sent a letter to the chief executive asking for an explanation. My wife suffers from a mental health condition and the recent data breach has increased her symptoms. I am considering asking for compensation due to the distress it has caused us. Do I seek this through the local authorities or ICO?
  5. I purchased, just before Xmas a 2nd hand Clio (52 plate) for my daughter. The seller was a 'friend of a friend' and I was informed that the MOT had just expired and 'the car will fly through the next M.O.T.' The seller did not want to take the car to the M.O.T before the sale and wanted cash upfront. After paying for the car, I took the car into a MOT centre the next day and was given the bad news that the car was unfit for the road and I should not have purchased it. There was a long detailed descriptions of the faults on the report (2 pages). I returned the car
  6. Spoke with Solicitors dealing with my affairs, and they replied they can not help as these loans were made after I was sequestrated. As I am liable for these debts I should be offering a repayment amount for each loan. What is my next step? Do I simply contact each PDL by email with a 3 - 6 month repayment plan whilst freezing interest and charges? I have created a simple excel spreadsheet with all income and expenditure and has calculated how much I can afford to repay. Current lenders, PDE £200, Lending Stream (x2) £400, WDA £362, CapFin1 £380. I have already contacted my
  7. Hello, I was sequestrated less than a year now, however I needed to take a payday loan to pay for new bedroom furniture and kitchen appliances (they all broke within a week of each other). I have now got myself in the downward payday debt spiral. I have currently 3 payday loans with different companies and now finding it hard to make ends meet. Do I contact the solicitors that are managing my affairs regarding these payday loans or write to each Payday loan with a repayment amount? I am unsure what will become of this. Any advice will be most appreciated.
  8. Wow ! That was quick! AIB received my wife's application on the Friday and was subquently sequestrated one week later. My wife is now feeling a lot better as the escalating debt problems was affecting her health and well being. My application will be sent next week. I can't believe how effecient the whole process is. Thanks again for all your help.
  9. Thanks once again Bluedogx, I have looked at the AIB website and we will be both eligible for a LILA . The application pack is vaguely similar to the English one, the guidance notes are a great help. I will let you guys now how we get on. My wifes will be submitted 1st. Thanks again guys!!!:-D:-D
  10. Thanks once again, Yes, we are in receipt of CTC & WFTC. LILA is the best way to go. Tried CCCS and their recommendation is Bankruptcy, simply because it will take nearly 15 years to pay off the creditors.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. My wife has debts of £6000 and myself £9000. Together we have less than £100 of disposable income every month. We are council tenants and have no car, my wife is a full time mum.
  12. Thanks again. Trust Deed seems my best option. Is it possible to put mine and my wifes debts on the same application?
  13. Thanks B. I have no assets work over £1000. My net monthly salary is just over £1000., after paying all the essential bills (Rent, CT, Travel to work, Elec., Gas etc.) I have very little disposable income. Will this mean I can qualify for low income, low asset rule?
  14. My wife and I were discharged from bankruptcy in England 13 years. Since then we have moved to Scotland, and once again, we have got ourselves in financial difficulty. I have visited a number of websites dealing with debt, and bankruptcy seems the only viable option. There are 6 creditors with a total amount of £15000 between ourselves. As we were discharged bankrupt in England 13 years ago, can we become bankrupt in Scotland?
  15. Thanks again. My employer has already made provisions to recover the overpayment of commissions from my Salary next week. Am I in a position to negotiate a repayment plan??
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