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  1. To update. It would appear I HAVE NOT done SAR which will be going tomorrow. I have also received a letter daying they do not intend to pay up despite the mentioning the credit file being enclosed which lists all of the loans, the dates started ended and the terms of the loans together with the payments made and how many were made. I intend to write again and in the meantime wait for the SAR. I will also request copies of the certificates of desruction on the accounts with the exception of the second one in time which they have paid up on. Ill keep you posted
  2. Thank you ims21. I have already SAR'd and telephoned and they say they dont have any other records apart from the second loan in time. Looking at all the dates they do appear to roll from one loan to another. I will just have to wait to see what they say to my letter. However my theory is that if on the second in time loan we paid 7 months and they paid £380 in compensation then on the balance of probabilities PPI was paid and therefore they owe me. I'll let you know how I get on.
  3. I have received one payment from HFC for one loan for 7 months ending in December 2001. There were 8 other loans which they say they had no paperwork on and therefore I should go away. I was lucky enough to have a credit expert printout which listed all the loans giving the term and monthly payment. I have written to HFC giving them a copy of the print out and telling them that the fact that they could find one loan from 2001 but not the last one settling in 2005 is astonishing and that unless they make a sensible offer I will issue County Court proceedings. Can somebody tell me how I can work out what the compensation is likely to be. The payment I have just received was for £380 on 7 months of payments at £285 over 180 months. I would be very grateful for any assistance. Thank you
  4. Hi Mechs Thanks for your reply, I'm looking forward to a fight, I'm fed up with me earning the money and "them" taking it. I'm going to try the credit cards next - going to spend tomorrow reading and then go from there. Cheers Cheryl;)
  5. Hi Reload and Bean Thanks for your replies. Glad to know theres plenty of support. I intend to look over the site in relation to credit cards tomorrow, today has been a big day getting the bank situation under my belt however I shall not be put off, I just need a decent nights sleep - weather permitting. Cheers Cheryl:p
  6. Hi All, Well I'm off to the post office with my data letter and counting down the 40 days. Can anybody tell me if the track that I use for the bank can be used for credit cards too? They're another lot who appear to be making huge profits off the likes of me and you and could do with a good "slap";) I'll keep you posted.
  7. Hi Reload, I did what you told me and everything is under my belt, I'm off to the post office this morning with with my request for charges under recorded delivery. Will then countdown 42 days (allowing them receipt) - so 16th August. Thanks for your help, its a brilliant site keep up the good work.
  8. Can anybody tell me where I find the templates for the bank, I dont seem to be doing very well around the site. I have just worked out that in the last 4 years the bank have taken £1535 in charges so what the previous 2 years hold is anybody's guess. Having thought about things whilst sorting out the bank I'm going to have a go for each credit card that I and my husband have and anything else that comes to mind. Can I send the DPA letter to my branch or does it have to go to somewhere else. I'd be grateful for any tips on how to get things moving please. Good luck everyone.
  9. Can anyone help me, what is the initial letter that has to be sent to the bank. I have calculated 4 years worth of fees/charges but the bank site will only go back to July 04 I need to go back another couple of years. Also what charges/ fees can I claim. I know I can claim for unpaid DDs and Standing orders but what about overdraft excess fees etcetera. Does the same apply to credit card can anybody point me in the right direction on the site that will give me the info that I need to start the ball rolling:?
  10. Hi Everybody, I'm new to this but having read reloads post I'm off to internet banking and some heavy duty work on this bloody hot day. What set me off is that the bank have returned a DD yesterday so they could take there bank charges instead. In DD charges alone £245:o . I just wanted to say hello and say thanks:)
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