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  1. Hi, no I have nothing I closed it in 2005. I have not found anything on my credit file either. Any other ideas?
  2. Hello, I submitted a request from these edit monkeys and they have stated that they had no record of me on their system and they could not issue me with a request unless I provide them with an account number .... which I cant. Please Help!
  3. hey, been away for a while - but back now! Just drafted my letter to A&L for this - let's see what cracks off?
  4. Interesting, I will certainly look into that one then! Having re-mortgaged twice so far and I have another one coming up in 2007. Please accept my appoligies for my un-informed response!
  5. Let's hope you do get a response, as Caro advised have you made sure that they know that the account is in dispute? This is really important.
  6. Curiosity! Are the A&L turning into MI5? i personally would just ring them - that's the only way you'll find out.
  7. Fair enough, If you don't feel comfortable, maybe just write a letter explaining that you only wish to deal with them in writing, Ask them to put their call in the form of a letter.
  8. Now that's over, Its just a case of sitting back and waiting for a letter confirming that your cheque is on the way! Merry Christmas
  9. I would give them a call, listen and simply say .... "Thank you Mr Alliance & Leicester please put any future offer in writing" Curiosity would get the better of me too.
  10. Redemption fee is normally a fee that involves the removal of A&L from the deeds and the cost for them to get them out of storage and to send them out to you. I was unaware that this was an unfair charge? Early Redemption Fee is the cost of you not fulfilling your contract e.g fixed rate period. again I did not realise that this was an unfair charge. I would be keen for a response from a mod on this one?
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