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  1. CONGRATULATIONS. a good rest of the week for your students then and a good weekend for you
  2. i sent my preliminary letter today too. good luck!!!
  3. I have some of my Notice of Charges but not all of them (hence submitting the SAR). I have received the summary of charges. this has confused me because the dates don't quite match. What i was thinking of doing is to submit two spreadsheets based on both sets of info with written explanations of why they are different. Do you think this would be ok? I can't get through on the phone to query this.
  4. Any chance of a copy of that djDave?! it would boost my court case against Barclays mucho per cent!
  5. Thanks guys... let me know how you both get on. I'm going to wait a week or so to see if my statements arrive and then write to them again 1) to claim what they owe me and 2) to demand the rest of the info they hold on me! Good luck to you both
  6. Hi Guys, i don't get much time to go through all the info on this site as i haven't got an internet connection at home so have limited time! apologies if i'm repeating previous questions! i sent my Data Protection Act letter off and got this back today - just wandering if this is their standard letter? especially since i was surprised that they sent my cheque back? "We refer to your letter of 3 July, which was passed to this department for comment due to your request for certain information, relating to bank charges, under the terms of the Data Protection Act ["the Data Protection Act"]. Please be aware that the Bank is not under an obligation to present information according to any particular format. Therefore, your request to assemble a schedule of charges is turned aside. You may of course obtain this data from copy statements and these will be supplied to you within the next few weeks without charge on this occasion. As the Bank is providing the copy statements on a complimentary basis your payment is returned herewith. As regards your mention of "manual intervention", the Data Protection Act does not oblige the Bank to comment about internal policies and procedures. Furthermore, in the context of managing day to day transactions arising from out of order accounts, the Bank does not hold the information you have requested in a form that would be covered by the Data Protection Act. Whilst aggregated information is retained for statistical purposes, this would not constitute "personal data" under the Data Protection Act and therefore would not be covered by a s.7 DPA subject access request. For the avoidance of doubt, the fact that we do not generally record information in a way that is caught by the provisions of the DPA, is in no way an admission that there was no such manual intervention." EDITED: Increased font size, sorry, cdn't read it otherwise.
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