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  1. Nelbo

    Nelbo vs HSBC

    Thanks you two....It is very satisfying.
  2. Nelbo

    Nelbo vs HSBC

    Rec'd full offer on my account (less 13p interest) which I am happy to have them keep. I am sending my Acceptance letter back today and just wait for the money to be paid into my account. My wifes account I am sending the rejection of offer letter as she received a partial offer. They have until the 8th September before MCOL gets filed. Half way their now......
  3. Nelbo

    Nelbo vs HSBC

    Well surprise surprise, no response yet from the prelim letter. Will be sending the LBA in the morning. Wish me luck....:?
  4. Nelbo

    Nelbo vs HSBC

    Ta Andy. Ill keep the thread updated. Nelbo:)
  5. Nelbo

    Nelbo vs HSBC

    Thanks Andy, do you perhaps have an answer on the 2nd question? Thanks
  6. Hi all, My wife ran itno the back of someone and it was completely her fault. No problems there. That is where the problems have started though, with my insurance company. They said we should take our car to their approved repairer which I duly did, and they assesed the damage and the next thing, Im getting a call from the IC saying in their estimate the vehicl is a total loss!!!!! I don't know very much about cars, but I know enough to get by. I went to the body shop and asked them for a quote for the repairs. they duly gave this to me and the cost was £1600 excl VAT. They list
  7. Nelbo

    Nelbo vs HSBC

    Hi all, I am about to send my prelim but have two questions. 1. Should I send this to my local branch or Canada Square? 2. I have already worked out the charges based on my statements online. The prelim letter does not say anything about the "manual intervention" stuff. Is this a problem should this go to court, or should I just proceed as is? Thanks for keeping me updated. Nelbo
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