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  1. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! Sent my letter back to DG Solicitors saying no to their original offer and today I received a letter offering me the full amount!!!!!! Im shocked and delighted. £2k couldnt have come at a better time! 5% donation to this site on its way!! Thanks!
  2. I cant find a template to use to reject this initial offer. Any ideas what I should say or can it be quite plain and simple saying that I reject this offer as I am seeking to reclaim the full amount including costs etc...?
  3. Hi. Im reading through loads of threads of people in the same position as me... in the middle of claiming against FD but am finding it difficult to find actual success stories (though I know they are many out there somewhere). Ive just received a letter from DG Solicitors offering me half of my original claim and Im now in the position where Im wondering which way to turn. I therefore thought a thread detailing brief stories of how people succeeded would be in order, to help others like me. Ok, so who's first to boast of their success????? .............
  4. Hi. Well contra to all my concerns and worries, I was pleased to open a letter today from DG Solicitors acting on behalf of FD. They have offered £1014.40. My initial claim to them was for £1503.73 but then after lodging a claim through MoneyClaim, interest and court fees took this up to 2031.77. Now comes the decision.... Do I accept what is basically half of the charges I claimed through Moneyclaim or just take my money and run? Ive read a few peoples threads who say they have refused and then been offered the full amount but as more and more people claim, Im wondering how likely this i
  5. Hi. I phoned FD and asked for a list of my bank charges over the last 6 years. Within 1 week my statements arrived in the post free of charge. Calculated Im owed almost £1500 in bank charges. I sent them the prelim letter but received a letter back saying how they believe their charges are lawful etc etc... Now, this is where I wonder whether Ive mucked up.... According to Martin on Moneysavingexpert, he suggests if they come back and say this you get straight on and file a claim on MoneyClaim (which I did). However, Ive noticed on this site there is a letter before action that I won
  6. Hi. I was following the information provided on moneysavingexpert and found out my charges then sent my bank (First Direct) a prelim letter. Martin on moneysavingexpert then says that if they reply saying "sorry but we think the charges stand" then you should go to moneyclaim and log a claim that way, which is what I did. I was having a further read on this site though and realised there is another letter (letter before action) which I think I should have sent. Im sure I followed Martins instructions carefully but do you think by not having sent the letter before action and having gone str
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