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  1. Very inspiring. subscribing well done lolia
  2. Thanks Michael Just to confirm. I will remove the 750 + 140 from my total claim and then calculate the interest on that right? hanks again
  3. Thanks Barty Am so happy I found this site as it is a life saver. I will send the partial acceptance letter and the do my claim. Will keep you updated.
  4. hello again I was all set to start MCOl and decided to chek my account to make sure that the £166.36 has cleared before deducting. It cleared in the account today but the noticed that yestrday they refunded £750 to my account as a goodwill gesture. I havent recieved any letter regarding this. I have read somewhere on other threads that i forgot to subcribe to and remember a mention of a letter accepting this as partial payment. can someone please direct me to the template letter. Also do i need to wait a bit longer to start the MCOL to give then a chance to reconsider? If so how
  5. Hello Just subscribing. Am currently claiming for bank charges and intend to look into ppi as I was misold one and have been trying to cancel for the past 3 months without success. Am paying £78 a month just for the ppi. Good luck.
  6. Hi Neil Just subscribing and well done. Hope you get your money soon Am just about to do my claim online today and reading up as much as I can. Lolia
  7. Hi just subscribing as I got a similar letter and in a similar position. Good luck Lolia
  8. Hi all just an update. i have been reading a lot while I wait for my 14 to start my claim. i have had nothing form Llods at all but on Saturday recieved a letter that seems unconnected. Basically saying they owe an appology and a refund of £166.36 (£140 charges £26.36 interest) by 27th to put things right. I have read similar threads. My question is: my claim is for £2135. from the similar threads I will deduct £140 from my total claim icluding interest. My LBA was sent on the 2nd April. Do I need to send then another letter to let them know this or do I proceed to make my cl
  9. Thanks Barty My account number was correct on the letter. I will give them till this w/e and take the next step on monday. Lolia
  10. Hi Am farely new and have decided to start my own thread. I have been browsing for a while and have read the FAQs and other threads. I have already calculated my charges £2065 and sent off the first letter asking for my charges and the LBA was sent on the 2nd of april. I just discovered today that I made a mistake in these letters. I used a spreadsheet and at somepoint in the middle my sort code and account number were incremented by 1(an excel feature) for about 11 rows thereby giving wrong sort code and account number. the charges column is ok. My question is can I send anoth
  11. Hi I have been browsing this site for two weeks now and addicted.I have finally got the guts to post. I am currently in the process of claiming bank charges from Lloyds TSB. I did try in december after reading something on the bbc website and just dived in head first. Dont think they had a templates or I was just to eager. basically I just wrote to them demanding the pay bac my money and thought I would sit back and wait to the payment. Didn't even know how much. Obviously they sent a letter saying no bla bla and I just gave up. Anyway my sister the sent me a link to themoneys
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