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  1. Thanks Jo I will give it another week then give the Courts a ring. Melissa
  2. Just a question if anyone canhelp? I submitted my AQ which had to be back by the 17th August. What happens now? I have not heard anything at all from the courts or Abbey? Thanks Melissa
  3. Hi Livelylad PM done Melissa
  4. Litigation Details: Not too sure who I am supposed to give them to or how? Bank Abbey national Court Dudley Claim Number 7DD02701 Amount £2086.00 + Interest + court fees £220
  5. Sutherm v Abbey Calim Number 7DD02701 Court Dudley Amount Claimed £2086 + £Interest +Court Fee
  6. Would anyone know where I can get hold of some copies of Automated charge letters that Abbey send out? I think I need them for my list of stuff if the court agree to my draft order for directions? Thanks Melissa
  7. HI Would anyonoe have any copies of automated charge letter from Abbey that I could pinch for my bundle of stuff for the courts? Thanks Melissa
  8. Fingers crossed !! I have more or less completed my AQ using GaryH 's templates for section G and the draft order for directions, Hope I have it all right. I am going to get it back to the courts hopefully Wednesday next week as I my mum said she would kindly do it for me as I can't get there before they shut . Just have to wait and see what happens next I suppose
  9. Thanks Julie, Just a bit fed up I am going to shell out another £100 and know the court will send me a letter telling me it's all on hold
  10. Update! I have my AQ sent through from Dudley Courts! I have untill the 17th to get it back to them. Meanwhile I have had a letter from Abbey stating that they will be writing to the Courts to ask for the Stay!! Is it just my way of thinking or will I return the AQ with my much needed £100, then the Court will send me a letter saying , sorry but this is on hold but thanks very much for the £100. I bet the courts are raking in the costs first so that they have all this extra dosh then staying the cases ! Question is, which I already know the answer to but just checking, Do I car
  11. This is fab! Sent letter to Adrian bailey - West Bromwich West, West Midlands Add me to your count please :D Thanks Melissa
  12. Hi Hootcube I would say yes carry on as normal, that has been the advise that has been given on other threads Melissa
  13. Yes the covering note just said "we enclose by way of service a copy of the Defence that we have filed with the Court" Did you receive the letter about changes their term & conditions?
  14. Well I have got home to my post and Abbey's Defence - No 65% offer tho!! Perhaps it's an omen for me to carry on fighting, as Julie said we can go down with our heads held high !! Jullie, will it be ok for me to fax my defence over to you tomorrow just so you can have a quick look over it for me ??
  15. I have been mulling that one over, I think I am inching towards taking the offer just in case things don't go to plan? I don't know, what would you do?
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