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  1. OK, I'll go see the bank and have word with them about this. Then if I get no joy and I think I have a case, I'll start. Cheers Andrew
  2. Hi, I've been a NatWest customer for some years now. For about the last 7 months I've been getting charged £28 per month for use of an unauthorised overdraft. It all started when I went overdrawn by a few pounds without an agreed overdraft and had a letter telling me that I would have to pay £28 at the end of the month for this. Although I brought the account back into balance immediately there was not enough money to cover the charges at the end of the month and so concequently it put me back in the red only to occur charges again the next month. I asked NatWest if they c
  3. Hi, great forum, just thought I'd pop in and say hi before I post my question in the NatWest Board. I'm being charged £28 per month my natwest and I think it may be a little naughty how they are doing it So I've come here to find out. Hope you are all well. Andrew
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