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  1. A complication has arisen whereby ee are now saying that the debt was infact correct. After I had upgraded I cancelled the new contract and sent the headsets back but according to them this meant that the original contract reverted back to normal. This contradicts everything I have been told by orange and EE up until that point. when I mentioned about compensation they asked what kind of compensation I was thinking about. they've cancelled the debt, are offering to pay me back the money I paid out for the debt and also offered me compensation. Now they are saying that they cancelled the debt as good will gesture and offered me £54 also as a good will gesture purely because I've spent s long time trying to get to the bottom of this. Does this make sense? If I have a debt then I should pay it off surely. . .or are they really trying to avoid taking responsibility for their mistake
  2. Yes I figured out that I should claim for the rise in house prices with in a six month period.. which is hard to figure out and still working on it I guessed it may be around £1500 based on a £100k property in Preston. I've also included my time at £11 per hour which I worked out roughly as 15 hours over the last year and a half. Also included are phone calls at an estimate of £40. This would come to £1705 plus the £159 I've already incorrectly paid to the debt collector and my credit rating being fixed. Just had a letter from ee saying that they're final offer is £55.98 as a good will gesture. But also they say that the orginal sold debt was correct and I was infact reimbursed by ee the amount as s good will gesture only! So so angry with this after being told several members of ee and orange that it was their mistake Although in one of the cases you guys have as example the guy won 8k just for credit file damages. Is that correct? Can I just give credit file damage as a cause for compensation and not have to specify how that affect me as I also see he didn't win anything for how the weakened credit score affected him when trying to buy a house in Spain
  3. Hi there. Phone call today from EE. They offered me the equivalent of 2 months mobile contract that I had at the time which adds up to £48. Pretty insulting really after the crap they've put me through. Would the next step be the ombudsman?
  4. Great thankyou. I applied to get s car on hp as my car is packing up but as I was turned down I'm still using my old car. I'll check the percentage of inflation in the area and see how much it would come to for the flat I was looking at.
  5. I didn't say I won't apply for compensation. Just saying I don't feel comfortable doing it and wanted advice from people who are comfortable doing it. I reckon that's what this website is about really. I'll go ahead with it. I'm trying to work out the difference between the cost of renting for 6 months and what I would have paid if I had taken out a mortgage. It's a difficult one. I know the mortgage payments would have been around 150 cheaper than renting. The fees I paid to rent were 150. Thats £1050 already. I would have had to pay an unknown amount of fees to buy as well so not sure how to subtract that. Obviously my time in making phone calls. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't of made so many calls and waited on the phone to fa an answer. Could I charge for my time? I am paid £11 per hour at work but it's difficult to put a figure on how many hours and minutes I wasted doing this. Even now I'm spending over an hour researching this and messaging this forum, surely all this should add up too
  6. Great thankyou for that. Spoke to the phone company. They wanted to know what kind of compensation I'd be looking at. I said over a thousand definitely- they said they probably wouldn't be able to do that but they'll get back to me. My question is; would my first letter to them include the history of the issue and a definite figure that I am asking for? If so, how do you arrive at a figure for time and stress and also being turned down for mortgage and car through an hp. I've looked at the other cases. 10k would be fantastic but seems extreme, but maybe I'm not looking at the situation correctly as I'm the type of person who hates speaking and asking about money. Would I send this letter to the complaints dept?
  7. Ah sorry I just followed a link and forgot to go back form my own thread about the same issue!
  8. Does any one know how I would go about claiming?
  9. Thanks all for the replies. Well I did tell Lowell that the debt is incorrect when they first contacted me and had an argument on the phone with them. I said I wouldn't pay unless they could tell me exactly what it was for. They said it was data usage and that's it. They said that they weren't obliged to tell me any more details than that and if I didn't want to pay then they'd take it further and actually put the phone down on me. So I left it for a year. Then called again, and still they insisted it was for data usage so they really didn't help matters
  10. Hi. Back in 2014 my orange account was due to expire ,I wanted to upgrade slightly early. I paid just over 100 to upgrade to a phone and tablet deal and as orange was being taken over by EE I was passed into them. When the handsets arrived I wasn't happy with the quality and sent them back after being told my contract would end if I sent them back. I was provided with bags from EE. I paid for special delivery after 3 days I phoned to see if they had received the handsets. I was told that only the tablet had been received . I checked on the post office website and saw that both handsets had been signed by the same person at the depot. I reported this to ee and after that the account was closed. Or so I though.. until 2016 I had a phone call from Lowell group claiming that they had bought the 150 debt from orange for service charge and handset costs. Orange and Lowell had sent letters to an old address but strangely not the updated address I gave ee in order to receive the handsets originally. I challenged this and after a lot of arguing I gave up and left t for a year and a half. A month ago I tried to get a mortgage but was declined because of the default on the Lowell account. I told Lowell I disagreed with the debt but paid it in order to try again for a mortgage. I was refused again due to the fact that the default affected my file for 6 years. I had to rent in the end and ended up spending more money that I would have per month if I had had a mortgage. Today after a lot of calls to orange and ee I finally got through to someone who looked into it and found that I was not liable to pay any charges and that ee and orange were at fault. They are now contacting Lowell so that I can get my 150 back and have them clean my credit file of the default. My question is.. . after all the stress and expensive phone calls ,loss of money and adverse affect to credit files, not being able to take out a mortgage etc.. . can I claim compensation for this? I'm so so annoyed that I missed out on buying a great property and now stuck in a 6 month contract renting a property. And I'm annoyed that I was treated like a criminal by Lowell group who actually said that if I paid the debt that would be treated as an I accepted the debt .
  11. Hi. I'm having some major issues with insurance companies which I need help on trying to figure out my rights. Firstly. In August I needed to change cars as my old 2ltr Volvo had packed up on me. I needed to get something cheap to run so was looking at the 1.5ltr range of second hand cars. My insurance company was apparently unable to find brokers to insure me for anything without raising my current premium of £1500 per month to £2300 per month even for a smaller and cheaper car. They came back to me with only one broker offering this inflated price and that was it. I should mention that my situation hadnt changed since I took out the original insurance and it had only been a couple of months anyhow. I had the choice of either pay the extra £800 or pay £550 in fines for early cancellation. Can this be legal? To only offer your customer one choice on insurance or cancellation. I just feel I was forced financially into a situation as there is no way I could afford to drive with the premium offered. I had to take the cancellation and now facing court action. I'd just like to know my rights, if any on this. Secondly. After cancelling that policy I shopped around for another one. Before purchasing online I rang that insurance company to check how many NCB I had accumulated. I was told 2 which I asked to verify with an email. I took a new policy out on that basis and haven't received the email to verify this yet. I should have waited but needed insurance quickly so went ahead on that info alone. I ring up 3 weeks later and ask for proof but now I'm told I have zero NCB points. My current insurer says that will raise my insurance by £1800 to £3000 a year which I can't afford. No car means no job for me as I live in the countryside so this is going to have a massive effect on my life. Do I have any right to ask my previous insurance company to put things right here?
  12. I wasn't planning on buying another from him and hoping to get a full refund for this car if he feels he doesn't have to offer a refund then I will go to court I prefer to take a partial refund in order to get myself a car rather than continuing to use the car that I'm trying to send back
  13. I paid by bank transfer. I think it might be possible to accept a partial payment and then persue for the rest. It happens in other circumstances so it should be ok here. I'm sure any judge will understand that the need to get some of the money back in order to buy a car for work is my priority but that shouldn't stop me from exercising my consumer rights and getting a full refund
  14. That's great! Its been 7 days so far. Is there any possibility of taking the car back on Tuesday, leaving it with him, accepting the £4400 so that I could get myself something else to be able to travel to work etc.. And then continue to persue the remaining amount of £400. Kind of like a partial payment. Otherwise I'm afraid he's got me n a very difficult postion. If I dropped the car off at the dealership, would that mean that I've handed it back ... Even though he might not accept it? That would mean the car would be sitting there still in my name
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