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  1. Anyway well done on your result and thank you for concluding your topic, title updated. Thank you. The site was priceless.
  2. Hi. mom not internet savvy but basically upon opening the thread if you googled her Elizabeth turner breeder (yes breeder sorry), her name and genetic puppy farming flag up. it shows CAG put it up. Iv told them that. iv also told them it’s not slanderous as you have seen the vet reports proving it. I really don’t care if it remains. I made it clear it was out if my control. if it cannot be done, I will copy them into the old cachet message. thank you.
  3. Just had an email re the my breache in agreement by her rep. I asked you yesterday if they had asked about her name in the thread being removed. The issue they have is the Elizabeth turner and genetic pups entry on google. they knew I did not put it up and told them so in court. I dnt know how to post on google. I told them I cannot remove what I did not post. when i come back here and saw her name gone from threads title, I presumed her reps sought it. now I get an email saying her names still on google ur breaching the agreement as it’s still on google.
  4. Paperwork says sealed consent order and composite settlement agreement. iv long since caused her lots of probs with lots of organisations and sales have been hit hard. All done prior to any agreement. could have all been avoided but then she would have had zero justice. her LA informed her if visit so she cleaned up. iv escalated that outcome - prior to agreement. this will haunt her for a while yet.
  5. Part of a settlement agreement. concerbs over her nane online we’re raised and I was blamed for bad mouthing. I explained I put nothing up myself. cannot discuss details of the case as per agreement.
  6. FINAL UPDATE. I have not posted as the defence were reading the thread. An agreement was reached on the day of the hearing. I am unable to go into detail but for those in this position the forum has been priceless support and advice so thank you all in the site team. for those going through this, follow the process, ignore intimidating tactics and threats and get to the Judge. They are very supporting of those self representing. I note her name has gone from the heading of the thread. Was this them ? Thanks again.
  7. Judge also told them he didn’t blame me for not returning the dog and my reasons for refusing were valid. Surely this will cost her more to defend than pay if I’m reducing the amount also ?
  8. I found more evidence of her concealing vet records within the puppy pack that confirmed his murmur was a minimum 4 yet she advertised a grade 3 two months after diagnosis too. the judge said if it goes as far as a hearing so she may settle. Costly to defend now. should I send her solicitor notice I’m changing the amount incase it encourages that or wait for court docs? mo’s it my choice if I claim a refund or replacement so I can make it clear in WS. ?
  9. Hearing outcome: So they did not get the overturn on the basis of invalid service. the judge agreed they were served. So her costs stayed with her as a result. However, he said the allegations against her are serious and he wanted them heard in court fir judgement and today wasn’t the aim of that kind of hearing. He overturned it on a discretionary judgement orr a hearing but not based on their application. hope that makes sense. Judge did hint I cannot claim for a refund and replacement. Also I cant claim for cost of a KC pup when I purchased a non KC. Pup so that will need to amend. He said I’ll get a set of questions next. hope that makes sense. she sent a barrister who was livid by the end of the hearing so I see they as a gud sign.
  10. Ok. thanks guys. I don’t feel intimidated but the £7k stressed me. I will update you all after the hearing. I appreciate your comments.
  11. Hi. just a quickie. as you know, my hearing is tomorrow. I am getting an onslaught of emails from her rep asking me to sign to have it overturned. they are trying to put her costs on me as I would not sign. I am stressed enough re the hearing but now they have sent me the breeders legal bill of £7k. that’s higher than the settlement!! How has she mitigated her losses when paying the settlement was £2k cheaper than her bill to defend !!!! They received 3 out of 4 sets of docs yet the service docs never got there???? Invalid service claim ???? How. evidence supplied showed the breeders email to her rep in June telling them the exact details she gave me for service. No one corrected those details?? They all knew I had the wrong address. but it wasn’t wrong address. It went to their firm but to offices that do not deal with this kind of claim. will court put that bill on me?
  12. Hear from the court about my objections. I still attend despite putting objection forward ? then yes I am attending.
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