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  1. whoops, I think my sense of humour got lost somewhere today! Think i'll go and have a nice lie down
  2. oh no, really didn't mean to sound smug, I'm anything but, seriously!!
  3. Westy, of course you can have a beer, you can have several, and can I now become one of those people that says "Sit tight, you will be fine and you WILL win". I am one of the unluckiest people in the world, if I can do it anyone can. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Up yours to the Natwest!!
  4. I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got a letter on saturday by special delivery with a cheque for the entire amount attached!!! If anyone wants to know what the letter said then let me know. I have one final question off all you angels: on the Notice of Discontinuance that I am to send to the Court and to Cobbetts that says that I discontinue the claim, what do I put where it says (............... enter name of Judge) granted permission for the claimant to discontinue (all) (part) of this claim (counterclaim) by order dated.............) What is the name of the Judge? And what da
  5. Mine too! Some of it being the Natwest (I still owe them £600 on an overdraft which got me all the charges in the first place... I'm paying it off £30 a month... will pay the whole lot off if I eventually win!) (£3000.00) Thanks again everybody!
  6. Thanks again, I feel a lot better now, my mind is straight, and I'm not going to worry for ages yet. (That doesn't mean I won't be rushing home to check the mail every day until they offer to stump up!!)
  7. Again, thanks for your help and advice, what exactly is it that I am scheduled for on the 25 April, is it a 'full hearing'?
  8. Thanks Westy, I think I'll start getting it together at the end of February, that gives them time to offer to settle before then, yet gives me plenty of time to get sorted in case they don't. Thanks for your help. Has anyone ever had to go to Court? And if so, what happened?
  9. I think I kinda get the message, sorry, I had no idea that I wasnt supposed to start new threads, I thought that I was supposed to start a new thread with every new question, sorry! Anyhoo, thanks for the help, I am fine with the correspondence and the bank statements, but what is the 'basic court bundle'? Thanks again, Angelclaire.
  10. Sorry, I had no idea that's what I was supposed to do, feel awful now
  11. Angelclaire v Natwest I today received this from my local Court: "NOTICE OF ALLOCATION TO THE SMALL CLAIMS TRACK (HEARING) DISTRICT JUDGE has considered the statements of case and allocation questionnaires filed and allocate the claim to the small claims track. The hearing will take place at 10.30 on the 25 April 2007 at xxxx Court and should take no longer than one hour. The court must be informed immediately if the case is settled by agreement before the hearing date. Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents (
  12. Well, I've today received the Natwest's allocation questionnaire (after turning down their 50% offer). In the "Other Information" box this is written: Case Management Directions cannot be proposed until the Claimant serves a Reply to the Request for Further Information which was due on 5 January 2007. In light of this the Defendant may amned its Defence or apply to strike out. Aaarrggghh!! What does this mean? I've replied to everything they've sent, and done everything exactly as suggested on here... what should I do now?? Thanks again, Claire.
  13. Again, thanks. I have printed out your replies and will carry them with me in moments of flappingness.
  14. Bennyowen I love you! Thanks very much for your reply, I have now calmed down and come off the ceiling thanks to your rational response. Now how can I learn to think like that!? Much obliged, Claire.
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