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  1. Hello, I purchased an office chair from 'bestbuy-officechairs . co. uk' a few weeks ago. I've just tried out the lumbar support function on the chair for the first time yesterday, but I noticed it doesn't work as i'm pumping it. There's a faint sound that sounds like air is coming up, so I think there might be a hole somewhere. I contacted the company about this yesterday and asked to return the chair (via them coming to collect it) for a refund. They replied via email saying that they'll send me a new back part to the chair, but they can't return and refund the chair because it's already been used. The trouble is, I don't really want to keep the chair for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I purchased an office chair that I intended to last me for many years, I do a lot of work in the chair , and the fact that i've received a faulty chair doesn't fill me with much hope. Even if they send me a new back to the chair, that doesn't fill me with much confidence that something won't go wrong in the next 4 or 5 years with this chair. The second reason is that in general I just haven't been very impressed with the chair, I don't find the seat particularly comfortable to sit in, I find it creaks a lot as I move in the chair which I haven't had with previous chairs. Could you please assist on how I can get my refund? (I haven't explained my two reasons to them for not wanting to keep the chair yet, so far i've just explained the issue with the chair and asked for a refund. I wanted to get some assistance before replying to them again) Any help is much appreciated thank you
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