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  1. Seems they think they are… Should I be putting my car on my drive? Only have space for 1 vehicle and usually have my work van on there.
  2. Dropped forms off at court, was hoping they’d check them for me but just had to post them. So no fee paid also no case number on the form as I assumed they’d fill it out. Hopefully all is ok, I did add a sticky note with my number on asking to call for fees or any problems so hopefully be ok. Also posted SAR yesterday and already had an email acknowledging the request. My 7 days to agree to the consent order is now up. Not heard anything from moneybarn yet though. I know it’s not required but I’m unsure if I should tell them I’ve applied for a time order?
  3. Thanks Just under half paid but well over a third. Yes want to keep the car too.
  4. Ok so I’ve got the N440, incoming and expenditure, a letter explaining the situation, plus any copies of letters received from moneybarn. As the dates of these letters don’t really make much sense if they sent me a default notice. Ill also get the SAR done and sent off to moneybarn ASAP. Silly question, but it is a county court I have to take this form to isnt it? Does it matter if it’s not my local one it’s just the one will be easier to access. Im also planning to keep making payments. As I think I’m able to do this online still even though a call handler refused any payment. I’m fine to do this aren’t I? Thanks I will keep you updated.
  5. I’m looking for a bit of advice. I’m having some trouble with moneybarn after falling behind with payments, which is partly their fault, not honouring agreements etc. They've sent a default notice apparently, I never received this and a termination notice, I did receive this. They’re now refusing to accept any payment and say my only choice is a consent order or pay the full balance. After some reading it seems I shouldn’t agree to the consent order? I have printed the form for a time order N440 and filled this out, what else do I need to include when taking it to the court? Thanks
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