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  1. There is no information about how many vouchers per customer. Sometimes I used my work or personal email. Here how this gift card looked like (random example from internet but mine were the same) currys gift card.pdf
  2. Hi, I created account here just to reply to this. I’ve done the same trade in as author of this post ….. but many times. Should I be concerned?
  3. Thank you, You eased my stressed. Also T&C don't say specifically you can't use it towards other items. I also returned one item I bought like that and they refunded me the entire value: what i paid + bonus I received (phone was £600 but I paid £500+£100 trade-in gift card, refund was entire £600).
  4. Thank you Please explain your words "The optics would not be good". I'm very stressed and not thinking right, sorry. T&C are here: Attention Required! | Cloudflare WWW.CURRYS.CO.UK Each instore trade-in gift card says to use it to buy sepecfic product and that you can't use it towards airtime, certain phones or accessories but it also works on anything else. Here example of voucher currys voucher.pdf PS. my friend rang customer services in front of me and his card was emptied by the same person that emptied mine. He got his vouchers from 2x different stores so instore theft by employee isn't valid in this case.
  5. Thank you for your response. Have we done a bad thing? Would Currys have a case against us? or would court tell them their promotion had a mistake and they organise it wrong way?
  6. im sorry it happened to you. I traded-in in store. they gave me voucher that I used to buy new device.
  7. Hi, thanks for comment. I'm not sure I understand. Who listened me? Currys or friend? Let me repeat because I'm afraid we both will get RLP claims or will end up sued. 1. Promotion gives extra £££ when you trade in and buy specific product (eligiblity product). 2. Gift cards issued by Currys staff in store worked on any other products, not only the advertised one. 3. I bought something and have it at home but I feel guilty now. 4. My friend, after hearing my lucky story, bought something too but it was cancelled by Currys Back End Teambefore dispaching and his gift card remianing balance was empited by them (since he used it on product that isn't included in promo). Have we done wrong? Can we fix it? Will they be after us?
  8. Hi, I read few old posts but I couldn't find an answer. Story: Attention Required! | Cloudflare WWW.CURRYS.CO.UK Currys has been running a promotion since last year where if you trade in any device you get it's value + extra bonus when you buy specific products. For example: old samsung phone is valued £3 but if you buy newest samsung smartphone they give additional £100 on a gift card - in total £103. I came back home, looked at gift card that I got for my old phone, it looked normal like any other and out of curiosity I used it to buy something else - not the product that was giving additional bonus of £100....... and it worked! I told my friend about it and he traded in his old phone, got gift card and bought something else - not the phone that gave him additional £100 bonus. But after few days he got an email that his order was cancelled by the "back end team" and his gift card was now £0. He didn't sent all £100. He rang customer services and they said someone names A. Ramirez used the card. My friend name isn't A.Ramirez. Do you think Currys realized their promotion has flawn and "trade in gift card" they issue work as normal one and can be used to buy anything? Would this be treated as fraud? if yes how to fix it?
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