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  1. Thank you so much everyone who has helped, this has eased my mind and has shown that I am not alone. There is a story that I would like to share, if you have the time to read... There was a stranger walking a path, wondering to himself, what was the meaning of life and what was a good society. He came upon a wise man sitting at the path side and he asked him the same question. The wise man pointed to a nearby castle and said I’ll take you there and will show you your answer. Together they walked a path and in the castle there were two turrets and in each turret there was a large round room and in each room there was a large round oak table. In the middle of the table was a copper bowl filled with best gruel. Around each table were twelve knights each having a long handled spoon... the spoon was long enough to reach into the bowl but was too long to feed their mouths. In one of the two rooms the knights had turned to the ugliest of skeletons and dust, whilst in the second room the knights were in the best of health, laughing and singing. The stranger asked why there was a difference and the wise man replied, in the first room the knights only thought of themselves, whilst in the second room the knights thought of and fed each other. Thanks to everyone, it’s nice to be in the second room with you....what do I do not with Copart?
  2. This auction was all undertaken 'on-line' on the 8th June, on their Sandy location... I'm sorry, I am unable to see where the odometer reading is a 0. thanks
  3. Please find attached the image of the rev counter that Copart are referring to. Also attached are details of the vehicle as issued by Copart. The auction took place on the 8th June, the vehicle was delivered on the 21st June. My first correspondence email to Copart was on the 23rd, their reply on the 24th. I then replied on the 28th and they responded the same day. I sent them, a further email on the 2nd July and they responded today... their admin is good ! 2016 VAUXHALL MOKKA TECH.pdf Doc1.pdf
  4. Unfortunately I paid by debit card. Copart are saying that because they provided an image of the rev counter when the engine was switched on and that the counter registered zero I should have know that the engine was faulty... my argument is, that if the engine was faulty they should have stated this as the primary fault reason, and not that of the 'minor dents & scratches '
  5. I purchased a Mokka from Copart for £4200, it was described at Cat U and also having a primary issue of 'minor dents and scratches' and secondary issue of 'normal wear'. All checks of vehicle seemed good. When eventually the car was delivered on a low-loader it had a seized engine. Copart are referring to their terms and conditions etc and are showing that the rev counter was at zero and they deny any responsibility, which I am sure is the standard format. Have I just been stupid here or have I some claim of redress.
  6. I purchased a Mokka, having U category and was listed as 'minor dents & scratches' and with secondary issue as normal wear. The car was delivered with a seized engine. When corresponding with Copart they have quoted their usual terms and conditions and also show a picture of the rev counter showing zero and deny any responsibility.,, what do you suggest I do next... communicating with them seems a no-hoper.
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