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  1. Thanks all, this is sorted now. We were so worried so contacted a solicitor to draft the 2nd letter on our behalf or make a call to them. He did made the call, immediately within a minute a link was sent for payment and case withdrawn. Thanks once again everyone
  2. @Man in the middlethat's the heading on the letter and says At.... willesden single justice court administration. I don't really know difference btw Postal Requisition" and single justice court administration. Please kindly help to explain further. Thanks
  3. He probably thought administrative settlement is the same as out of court settlement that was why he said he was ready to make administrative settlement and the cost of the ticket Please could you help with a good standard plea. Should my brother call them or write another letter? Again is that their letter take ages so not sure if he should send another letter there will be response from them before court hearing. Also do you think out of court is still possible, we really worried about the magistrate court summon. Thank you
  4. Have you seen the document because I couldn't see the document I uploaded I would like to thank you for your letter , and I am grateful for the opportunity to explain what happened. On the morning of ……, I got on the train to Farringdon at Luton. At Farringdon station, my ticket was checked by a revenue protection inspector who questioned me about the validity of my ticket. I was cooperative and polite in answering his questions. * Entering a train for the purpose of traveling without a ticket entitling travel In regard to the above allegation, I offer no defence against this allegation and I would like to offer my humble, sincerest apologies to you and Govia Thameslink Railway. I have thought long and hard since that day about this incident and feel that having spent a large part of the previous month traveling away from my family, I was tired and my judgment awry. This is by no means an excuse - I know what happened was very wrong, and I sincerely promise that this will never happen again. I am aware this incident has cost the company financially and taken up a huge amount of time. I would therefore like to offer an administrative settlement to recognize this and avoid it being escalated further. I would like to offer payment of costs incurred because of my thoughtless actions, along with the cost of the fare.
  5. I will ask him for his first letter to then and send over the content. However, court only stated the hearing will after first week of August and signed by a fare evasion manager. But no exact date for his hearing yet. Also is it possible to send the letter he wrote to them privately as it has all his details.
  6. There was no pass, he had the ticket on 16 to 17 but above 17. Not sure how many times he did this as all the evidence sent over did not state he did it more than once. Also what does single justice procedure court means?
  7. The amount was what was quoted by GTR so felt normally if there were other occasions or amount it would have been quoted as well in the prosecution letter. They only stated the outstanding fare avoided amount and a contribution towards prosecution costs.
  8. Hi everyone, please kindly help!!! My brother has been summoned to magistrates courts for using saver discount card 16 -17 and they stated in the letter fare avoided was £3.25 He is actually aver 18 and made a very bit mistake for doing this. However when questioned by the inspector for providing a valid ticket he did not utter anything to avoid his words used against him. But when Govia thameslink railway sent a letter for intention to prosecute he apologies and advise to settle out of court. But later he got a letter summoning him to magistrate court and to either plea guilty, not guilty or been sentenced in his absent. His really afraid of a criminal record as this will jeopardize his career. With the recent letter, is it still possible to call govia thameslink to settle out of court. We just lost our mum recently and his the bread winner. A criminal record will affect the whole family Kindly help on the best advice Thank you
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