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  1. I don't think we said anything about who was driving. Only that my partner was the one who paid for the ticket. PDF of PCN is attached. Parking Charge Notice.pdf
  2. Well the chasing letter says Euro Car Parks, but the car park is in Lullingstone Country Park which is run by Kent County Council so I'm not entirely sure if it is a private car park or a local authority car park.
  3. Hi all, we recently went to a country park in Kent where the car park is operated by Euro Car Parks. The site has ANPR. We purchased a ticket and still have the ticket and the transaction on the credit card statement. When my partner keyed in the number plate, the machine spat out the ticket before she could complete keying in the number plate. Thinking nothing of it (because we had paid), we put the ticket in our car window and went on our merry way. About a week later we had a request for £20 in the post because we had not purchased a ticket. We sent a letter to them with evidence that we had purchased a ticket and that we believe their machine was faulty. We have received another letter stating the following: What can/should we do. I am minded to send a letter back and say we won't be paying because we purchased a ticket and their machine was faulty, it was not us who made a 'major keying error'. They also have not responded at any point in their letter to us stating that it was a machine error (witnessed by me). My understanding is that their only option is to try to take us to a small claims court? If this happens, my guess is that given we have evidence of a ticket, it is unlikely they would win? 44
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